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Board votes to make Pringle interview public, approves new millage

Tuesday, Aug 12, 2014 10:34 PM
Last updated Tuesday, Aug 19, 2014 7:03 PM
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The Richmond County Board of Education made its second interview with superintendent candidate finalist Angela Pringle partly open to the public and finalized the 2015 millage during their committee meeting Tuesday.

A portion of Pringle’s second interview, which will be moderated by a member of the Georgia School Board Association, will be held at the BOE Boardroom on Friday, starting at 1 p.m.

A portion of Pringle’s second interview, which will be moderated by a member of the Georgia School Board Association, will be held at the BOE Boardroom on Friday, starting at 1 p.m.

Pringle will be asked questions by the board, and the board will allow a limited number of questions from attendees.

Members of the public will be able to drop pieces of paper with their questions written on them into a bowl, and then 10 questions will be randomly drawn.

The board will then finish the interview in executive session after the meeting.

Vice Chairwoman Helen Minchew made the suggestion that the interview be open to the public, in order to encourage the public to involve themselves in the superintendent hiring process.

“I think it would be good to open this up to the public,” Minchew said. “I wanted to add this to the agenda to discuss doing this, and see what we can do.”

Board Chairwoman Venus Cain also voiced support for making the interview process public.

“I think it would be a nice way for the community to learn that we can keep our promises with them,” Cain said. “We can make them part of the process. Let’s come up with a way to moderate the meeting and allow the public to sit in on the interview.”

School board attorney Pete Fletcher said it was “not uncommon” for school boards to make parts of their superintendent searches open to the public.

The board selected Pringle as the lone finalist for the school system superintendent position during a called meeting on Aug. 4.

Pringle has been working in the DeKalb County school system since 2007, beginning as a high school principal and working her way up to Region 2 superintendent in 2010.

The board also approved the millage for the 2015 year Tuesday, which will save area taxpayers a slight amount.

The new rate is 19.972 mils, a very small drop from last year’s rate of 19.982.

Under this new rate, those owning a house worth $100,000 would have their property taxes dropped by 35 cents, according to Board Controller Gene Spires.


• The Performance Learning Arts Center at Tubman Education Center could be expanding in the near future. Assistant Superintendent Debbie Alexander made a proposal to the board to place a satellite lab for the center at Cross Creek High School, which would act as a way for students who live in South Augusta to more easily access the center’s services. The board placed the proposal on hold until the proposal could be finalized.

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Riverman1 08/13/14 - 02:47 am
Little Late To Involve Public

"Board Chairwoman Venus Cain also voiced support for making the interview process public."

It's a little late for that. 36 candidates have already been eliminated in secret. Why is Pringle the only one chosen to interview? Is the BOE ever going to answer that significant question?

TrulyWorried 08/13/14 - 10:14 am
No matter

what department or board is involved in Augusta/RC - seems like everything is done [filtered word]backwards. Don't hold your breath for any sensible answers!

Sweet son
Sweet son 08/13/14 - 11:47 am
This woman already has the job!

Why now is the Board acting like it gives a patoot what the public thinks? Rivereman had it right when he asked 'why is Pringle the only candidate out of 36.' Fishy to say the least. This hire will be a bumpy ride!

showboat 08/13/14 - 01:12 pm

THAT IS RIGHT BOE members schedule the meeting when everyone is at work 1:00 pm. What a joke!!!!!!!!!!

dichotomy 08/13/14 - 02:24 pm
Crock of crap.

What a crock of crap. "make the community part of the process" my rear end. The board has already made a selection without interviewing any candidates. What the hell is the point of anyone attending this little dog and pony show? Open wide're getting another one shoved down your throat. Interviewing ONE(1) out of 37 applicants......something stinks to high heaven. The "board" in it's entirety needs to be investigated by a state agency for malfeasance.

The commission gets a list of applicants...selects 3 to interview....and rejects ALL of the. The school board gets 37 applicants....doesn't interview any of them....and hires one without interviewing any others. THIS is the kind of government you can all look forward to as Augusta government and it's school system FAILS totally.

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