SC test scores fall in all grades

Wednesday, Aug 6, 2014 11:32 AM
Last updated 7:29 PM
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COLUMBIA— South Carolina’s elementary and middle school students posted worse overall scores on state-standardized tests last spring across all grades compared to 2013.

The Education Oversight Committee says students’ scores are disappointing, but a drop was expected as teachers transitioned to new benchmarks for what students must learn in math and reading.

Passing rates on the Palmetto Assessment of State Standards range between 63.5 percent in third-grade science to 83.7 percent in fourth-grade social studies. The tests are taken by third- through eighth-graders in five subjects: writing, reading, math, science and social studies.

The percentage of students passing fell in 22 of the 30 total tests taken. The worst drops occurred in sixth- and seventh-grade reading. Both declined by 5 percentage points.

The state Education Department has not yet commented.

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corgimom 08/06/14 - 12:02 pm
I can comment. Stop giving

I can comment.

Stop giving social promotions in K-3, and bring back more special ed classes, and get the disruptive ones out of class.

You would see an enormous jump in test scores.

faithson 08/06/14 - 12:05 pm
Good to see Haley has her

Good to see Haley has her priorities in order in Columbia. Keep these guys around and expect more of the same South Carolinian's.

etlinks 08/06/14 - 12:14 pm
I fail to see any mention of

I fail to see any mention of Gov Haleys priorities in this article but other than that lets see what the board of education has to say.

bdouglas 08/06/14 - 01:02 pm
Make the standardized tests

Make the standardized tests electronic and let them take the test on their phone. I bet scores would improve then. All the best teachers and administrators in the world can't force children to want to learn. IT STARTS AT HOME.

corgimom 08/06/14 - 02:11 pm
bdouglas, the kids taking

bdouglas, the kids taking those tests are just youngsters.

A whole lot of them lack the maturity to take those tests; because they are KIDS.

They don't care about those tests, they care about their friends, playing video games, playing sports, their cell phones, going to the movies, parties- tests are the furthest thing from their mind. Because they're KIDS.

The test scores of elementary school kids are pretty much worthless, and far too much emphasis are placed on them.

The school that I volunteer at quit using the test scores for K-2- gifted kids were being given remedial help, because of the TEST SCORE.

Children that young are too immature and too easily distracted, they don't have the attention span to take those tests.

The kindergarteners were given a 54-question test. FIFTY FOUR QUESTIONS. For 4, 5, and 6 year olds. They would come back in tears, and saying "I want my mommy" because they were so stressed out.

Third, fourth, and fifth graders- especially the boys- just aren't built to sit and take tests for hours.

Taxpayer dollars are being WASTED on these tests that show NOTHING except a big waste of money.

Riverman1 08/06/14 - 02:30 pm
Let's Be Honest

Special ed classes should not be involved in testing. Common sense there; Corgimom is right. Also some students should be told to get out of school in order not to disrupt those wanting to learn. Lastly, and a big factor, is many superior students are being lost to growing private schools.

Remember how it was in the old days when students with mental, emotional, behavioral or physical problems who couldn't participate in a constructive way in public schools were sent elsewhere?

CobaltGeorge 08/07/14 - 04:36 am
Supporting The "No Child Left Behind"

"Taxpayer dollars are being WASTED on these tests that show NOTHING except a big waste of money."

What the heck, Graduate them all....Good, Bad & Dumb!

seenitB4 08/07/14 - 08:07 am
Wasted time & money

What a joke...STOP the dang testing with KIDS...GEEZ

The school system is a joke with CONSTANT testing...they all are left behind now...great going daddie government.

Like everything else you can screw up a 2 car parade.

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