A.R. Johnson named school of excellence

A.R. Johnson Health Sciences and Engineering Magnet School was one of 28 named Georgia Schools of Excellence in Student Achievement for 2012.

The distinction is given to schools that show the highest performance or highest progress in the state.

A.R. Johnson was recognized as a school of highest performance in the 12th Congressional District based on its College and Career Ready Performance Index score.

“These schools are the epitome of excellence,” State Schools Superintendent John D. Barge said in a news release. “It took us a while to name the 2012 Schools of Excellence, but we wanted to measure them based on our College and Career Ready Performance Index rather than the old measure. With our new, more rigorous accountability system, these schools really shine. Their focus on areas that impact student success is evident across the board.”


Fri, 02/24/2017 - 18:48

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