Richmond County Board of Education to hold public hearings on property tax increase

Wednesday, July 24, 2013 7:22 PM
Last updated 11:52 PM
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The Richmond County Board of Education will hold public hearings next week for property owners to express concerns about the higher millage approved with the 2013-14 budget.

A 0.98-mill bump in the rate to 19.982 mills will result in a 5.16 percent increase in property taxes. That will mean $30 more in taxes on a home with a market value of $100,000 for a total of $699 in school taxes per year.

A homeowner with a $300,000 home would see a $100 increase for $2,298 in school taxes per year.

The school system has not raised taxes since 2009 despite continued cuts in state funding and soaring expenses.
Controller Gene Spires said the tax increase was necessary this year to make up for lost revenue and balance the budget. The board also implemented nine furlough days, eliminated 135 positions and cut 7 percent of expenditures at every school.
“I’m a taxpayer so I can’t say I like it when there are higher taxes,” Spires said. “But if you have to have services, you have to have a way to pay for them.”

The tax increase will provide an estimated $4.7 million in additional revenue for the school system.

Spires said when public hearings were held to discuss the last tax increase,
few residents showed up. He said anyone is welcome to attend and express an opinion.

Richmond County Re­pub­lican Committee Chairman Bob Finnegan said tax increases should be used only as a last resort, and he hoped the board cut everything they could before turning to taxpayers.

“I hate that they have to do it, but I guess you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do,” Finnegan said. “People are not going to like it. I sure hope they had exhausted any other possibilities before this.”


WHAT: Hearings on Richmond County Board of Education’s property tax increase

WHERE: The Richmond County Board of Education, 864 Broad St.

WHEN: Noon and 6 p.m., July 31; 4 p.m. Aug. 8

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dichotomy 07/24/13 - 09:07 pm
I expect I could cut that $30

I expect I could cut that $30 a year increase down to a $15 a year increase if you turn me loose to cut dead weight on the administrative side of the BOE.

soapy_725 07/25/13 - 06:22 am
Just take the money and flush it down the toilet. ARC "BS"

Just take the money and flush it down the toilet. ARC "BS"

GnipGnop 07/25/13 - 07:48 am
Like I said before

The only time any politician works together in ARC is when they vote on taxing us even more....

Shortcomment 07/25/13 - 06:55 am
I guess all those people ARC is sending to Columbia

plus those cuts at the State level are starting to add up.

Besides, taxes are the easy solution a politician, because it does not require any math skills beyond Addition.

lifelongresident 07/25/13 - 07:51 am
dear poor over-burdened and

dear poor over-burdened and taxed property owners, i feel for you and your pain and it is unfortunate that for all the school taxes you pay the end result is a substandard educated student body, handing out diplomas to functional illiterates and funding a school district that consistantly fails to meet even the basic educational standards. but the so-called school board leaders continue to spend money on useless and wastefull projects like renovating schools that is the worst in the county and at one time the very worst in the state of goergia (its call laney high school for all you welfare parasites, moochers, and leeches). 20 million dollars will now be spend to renovate the school, my question to the school board and supporters of this spending is: how is spending 20 million dollars fixing up a building helping academic performance??? upon reviewing laney's web page the only high marks consistantly given is for "participation" in the CRCT testing, when you look at the test scores themselves you see total failure low test scores in math, reading sciences, and critical subjects such as economics and history the scores are close to single digits...but unfotunately for the taxpayers they will be asked to take "one more small haircut" and in the words of the "esteemed and highly educated" ms. venus cain its "for the children" and come next graudation season richmond county will parade another bunch of functional illiterates accross the stage handing them diplomas which a significant amount will be unable to read or understand the words or the significance and the school board will continue to decieve and delude themselves by thinking "we's jess doin a guut job ed-u-mah-cate-tin our keieds" and there will be continued migration to the surrounding counties by those who can and find it necessary in order for their kids to obtain a quality education thereby leaving more and more schools to the spawn of the leeches, moochers, and parasitic broodmares who care nothing about theirs or any one else's education, they are only interested to get to the next club to find the next "baby daddy" to keep "dey welfare and foo stamps" coming in

Will 07/25/13 - 05:50 pm

I wouldn't give those little morons another dime! They aren't learning anything except how to smoke crack, breed, and write nasty "lyrics" about fornicating with unwilling females and killing Whitey. Screw them! The colleges now are raising holy hell because they have to teach them EVERYTHING they should have learned in high school! What happened to that magnificent Lottery?? Don't tell me people aren't playing it anymore, because I have to stand five deep in line behind a bunch of losers to buy my gallon of milk and a loaf of bread. Enablers! All of you! You're destroying this country by not holding people accountable for their actions. STOP GIVING TO INGRATES! STOP PUNISHING THOSE THAT WORKED LIKE DOGS ALL THEIR LIVES TO BUY A HOME! HELP THOSE THAT HELP THEMSELVES FIRST AND FOREMOST!

Bulldog 07/26/13 - 08:33 am
Few attended meeting

Surprise, surprise! Why would anyone waste their time going to a meeting that will not change anything? The decision has already been made...

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