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Richmond County pupils disciplined

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A Spirit Creek Middle School student was in possession of a toy stun gun that provided a mild electric shock Oct. 15, according to Rich­mond County school system tribunal findings recently made public. The student received five days of out-of-school suspension.

The following are findings from hearings held Oct. 22, 26, 29 and Nov. 1. The students were assigned to the Tubman Education Center Alter­native Program in lieu of long-term suspension unless otherwise noted.

• A Hephzibah High School student stole fundraising money from a classroom and left campus without permission Oct. 9. The student was assigned to the alternative program for the rest of this school year.

• A Butler High School student sent threatening notes to a female student Oct. 11. She was given time served and placed on a behavior contract.

• Two Hephzibah Middle School students cut other students with a piece of metal Oct. 10. Both were asked to cut the others. They were assigned to the alternative program for the rest of this semester and placed on strict probation for the rest of the school year.

• A Morgan Road Middle School student confronted another student and used her gang affiliation to threaten and intimidate the student Oct. 12. She was assigned to the alternative program for the rest of the school year.

• A Hephzibah High School student was in possession of marijuana Oct. 2. The student, who receives special services, was assigned home-based services for the rest of this semester.

• A teacher was hit during a fight in class between two students Oct. 11. One student was assigned to the alternative program for the rest of the school year, and the other was given time served and placed on probation.

• A Tutt Middle School student refused to give her cellphone to a teacher, and as she was leaving class, she put her hands on the teacher’s chest and pushed him. She was given probation for the rest of her middle school career, and her team will be changed.

• A Murphey Middle School student used profanity, called the teacher a profane name and dropped a desk on a student’s foot Oct. 17. He was assigned to the alternative program for the rest of the school year.

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class1 11/22/12 - 06:38 pm

A student put her hands on a teacher and pushes him All she gets is probation. You got to be kidding me, that is the problem with the system and the tribunal.

OpenCurtain 11/22/12 - 07:26 pm
Justice or PC touchy feely extra chances

In case ANY RCBOE or Parents are reading:

This is simple.
Its school, it is a place to learn.
Any student caught doing any of the above anti-social,disruptive, aggressive acts,should be removed from the normal school system and taught quickly the error of their ways.

They should be Boot Camped or sent to a Last Chance Special Ed School. The parents should foot the bill or part of it for the Special School setup to handle rejects.

Or at the least impose fines or real court action if they object to the Special School placement fee or fines.

Too much touchy-feely, misguided PC junk has creeped into the disciple of RC students, and the results are showing... it is not working.

Patty-P 11/23/12 - 12:12 am
Most punishments and social

Most punishments and social programs for youth don't work because the people running these programs don't care. There is no follow-up, so there is really no punishment or corrective action for the perpetrator. Just look at the issues at the YDC. And those are only the issues that were found as part of an investigation. Imagine what else has happened that the public will never know about.

wayne2410 11/23/12 - 07:08 am
What you are seeing here is

What you are seeing here is the liberals gift to our public education system. Funny how anything the liberals touch immediately goes to pot, just take a look at the sorry state of this country, yet another liberal gift to us.

grovetownman 11/23/12 - 08:18 am
No support for the teachers

Teachers not only are furloughed, but they have to put up with this crap from students who aren't properly disciplined. It's all about the $$$$. If the RCBOE looses students to suspensions, dropouts, expulsions, then they lose federal $$$$. when a kid doesn't eat, no $$, when they aren't at school, no $$$. It goes on and on. It's the white elephant in the room in this county.

seenitB4 11/23/12 - 08:49 am
Let me just say a BIG thank you..

Thanks that I no longer have any kids in the Richmond county school system...

To think that some don't want charter schools....would you prefer this crap....unbelievable carnage in the school system...
A mind is a terrible thing to waste but wasted minds are thriving in Richmond county...

seenitB4 11/23/12 - 08:50 am
How about this Roundtree

What do you plan to do with this mess??

saltine 11/23/12 - 08:59 am
Six year old

And NOTHING is done ,if the child is in the first grade, and has done all of the above,PLUS a lot more.Parents were told ,this child can't be discussed with them. First graders are being sent to school to duck,dodge,and hide,instead of "ABC's" and" 1,2,3's" This ONE child ,has had the whole school on alert several times. This is NOT sand hills, but public elementary school.Who is a the top of this chain??
Don't suggest going to the school board,They have a puppet ,who will stop you at the door and let you know,"this child cant be discussed with you." Why is "he" and his family so protected? Why cant he be corrected?

GiantsAllDay 11/23/12 - 11:22 am
Maybe the special services

Maybe the special services student from Hephzibah high has glaucoma or chronic back pain or is dealing with chemo treatments.

countyman 11/23/12 - 01:23 pm
Grovetowman look in the mirror first

The high school in Grovetown had a big gang fight the first week the school opened. The reason why the media refuses to print/report articles on the fights, gangs, weapons, drugs, in Columbia County is due to race, politics, and losing money in terms of property taxes. That's truly the white elephant in the entire metro.

Does the sky have to fall in Richmond County everyday? I swear you would think Richmond County has nothing positive going for it due to some of the daily comments. The best school in Georgia is located in Richmond County, and Freedom Park was named a 'national model school'. Stop trying to put all of the Richmond county students & schools in the same category.

The same news paper refuses to print the tribunals on the surrounding counties. Yet, they have no problem sharing the articles on new restaurants opening, pics of athletic events, etc. The same thing goes for the local media when it comes to reporting crime outside of Richmond County. There's a Richmond County crime map on the Chronicle, but not one for the surrounding areas.

It's funny how the tribunals only seem to focus on Richmond County. The articles concerning local schools receiving awards, or student achievements include Richmond, Columbia, & Aiken too.

dinohntr 11/23/12 - 07:16 pm
Upside down world

As a teacher in a private school, I do not have to deal with a majority of these issues. But I know this - if I put my hand on a student and shove them ( as did theTutt Middle School student), I will have the parents and the school to deal with and probably lose my job. All my students know I can't touch them as punishment (or basically in any manner).

But the touchy feely approach only works so much. If these students get too many slaps on the wrist, they lose respect for any person in authority and will continue to push the boundaries.

My old man had no reluctance to use his belt to correct bad behavior at home or at schooll. I am sure if he did not have to work, he would have administered the punishment in class in fron of my fellow students. The result - a 22 year military service, married with 1 adult child and now in my second career - teaching.

Dixieman 11/23/12 - 07:46 pm
Dixieman has 1 billion points

How many of these stories do you have to read, people, before you realize that government schools = child abuse? Beg, borrow, steal or take a second job to send your kids to private school.

Reverie 12/01/12 - 07:41 pm
Teachers are not inept at

Teachers are not inept at handling discipline. The rules are clear. If a teacher says or does the wrong thing regardless of what ever outrageous behavior the students are doing, the teacher will immediately be put on defense and will be investigated. The county will protect itself at all costs. No one has your back. Some thugs know this, and you know the rest. It takes a lot of skill for a teacher to stand down and maintain control in a tough situation. The board seems to have its own law enforcement arm for protecting its liability--poor teacher judgement under duress. Team changes move the dirt around. The kids need to learn how to behave properly and respect the team they were assigned--just like life! I swear, educators are the dumbest profession. Show me convoluted research and data, and I'll show you common sense and success.

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