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Students react to university name compromise

Thursday, Oct. 25, 2012 4:14 PM
Last updated 8:44 PM
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“I don’t think it’s really a compromise,” said Augusta State University sophomore Taylor Boyd. “They just stuck Augusta at the end of the name, but didn’t make it official. They should completely change it to one of the names selected on the survey.”

“I think people with original issues with the name change now kind of dealt with it,” said ASU student Mitchell Toomey, 20. “Georgia Regents University, when you don’t call it GRU, is alright.”

“I think it’s a personal issue,” said Georgia Health Sciences medical student Kruti Bhausar. “I thought it was more important to have Georgia in the name than Augusta. When I’m applying for things later on, no one will know what Augusta is, but they’ll recognize Georgia. It’s mellowed down a little bit. It’s died down some, but people are still talking about it.”

“If it’s not broke, don’t fix it,” said ASU communications student Keith King. “There wasn’t nothing wrong with Augusta State University. I mean, it has a lot of history to the name.”

“I don’t think that adding Augusta to the end of ‘GRU’ is a compromise,” said ASU sophomore Aaliya White. “A compromise would be getting rid of the ‘Regents.’”

– Compiled by Staff Writer Tracey McManus

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OpenCurtain 10/25/12 - 04:57 pm
Augusta is now

the butt end of a already bad joke.

justputtin 10/25/12 - 06:10 pm
Not a solution

I greatly appreciate the efforts of the "save the A" group but what gave them ( 2 or 3 individuals) the authority to make the decision that the people in Augusta would be ok with this? Again, I greatly appreciate their efforts but..........I signed on in support of this group but I think they gave in too quickly. The Augusta chronicle got it right - " they saved the A by adding it to the end of GRU?

PKRichmond 10/26/12 - 12:58 am
Thank you Save the A**

Everyone , this is what happens when you let bunch of good ol boys to influence important matters. I mean , really you expected better than this ?
Media and save the A** people were biased from the beginning ( one particular you know whose media .. because he didnt like Z) .. If you look at the comments by our fellow Augustans .. you can see how hate mongering , xenophobic and dumb they were( occasionally some pointed out these tendencies). Some loved the city and the state so much and were willing to help Regents VA to sue state of Georgia for an enormous amount of money.. When you start something with negative intentions and thoughts , this is how things end ! none of these save the A** people were brave enough or eloquent enough to reason at public forums at GHSU and ASU. They just showed up and showed their anger . But outside they were protesting in cowardly and sometimes illegal ways. So congrats .. you guys ruined it for all of us ! yeah .. go on and blame the outsider for it .. blame how he is not suited for this job and tell everyone how wonderful it would be if it was an Augustan.. keep blaming him .. cos its easy to blame him .. may be get rid of him and get a guy from Augusta... may be someone from save the A** movement.. at least now .. unite and support this university .. !

awren3 10/26/12 - 11:49 am
Georgia Regents University Augusta...has a nice ring to it.

Doesn't it?

Absolutely not.

The fact that there are students, teachers, and members of the community that are satifisied with this "compromise" is even more of a slap in the face to Augusta than acceptance of just "GRU." Where has our pride gone? Are we really just going to let "Augusta" be tacked onto the end of this horrible name as a so-called "marketing" tool just to quiet us? It's not even part of the official name! This "compromise" is just a way to get us to shut up and accept the name. Are we really going to allow that, Augusta?

Augusta seems to have forgotten that in just two months, GRU will be the official name of the consolidated universities. Once it's officially official, there is NO going back...GRU we will be (or, GRU-A, in some people's minds). This is NOT okay, Augusta. WE MUST take a stand!

And by "take a stand," I do not propose a new Anti-GRU Facebook page. I do not propose another petition. I do not propose signs, bumper stickers, or angry emails and phone calls. I propose a method that has been used frequently, worldwide, and is generally effective, when done correctly. I believe this page even tried to use this method when the name change was first announced; however, it was not successful. Whether it was because it was not organized correctly or because the name was still too fresh to seem real, I cannot say. However, I feel like we may have a better shot at this method now that the official change is quickly approaching, and the BOR/Azziz "compromise" has made many of us even more upset about the name change than before.

What is this method, you ask? A strike.

Not a strike involving 200-300 students sitting out of class (although I do commend you on your effort), but a strike involving the ENTIRE campus, including students, faculty, and community members. An organized, peaceful strike that will show BOR and Azziz that we are STILL NOT HAPPY. A strike that will show everyone that we are a community, and we will stand together on this. We will not be "compromised" with. We will stand up for what we want, what we believe in, and we will get what we want.

There are over 1,000 faculty members, 10,000 employees, and almost 10,000 students between the two universities, if not more. Imagine the impact it would make it we could get just half of these members of the consolidated university to demonstrate their resistance to the’s not impossible. All it takes is a little push, some effort to organize this. When done correctly, a strike will not result in punishment, it will result in change. But to do this correctly, we need organization. That is the one thing we lack.

I'm willing to help organize this. I know many students, professors, and community members who are also willing. Are you willing? Is this group willing? Are student organizations, faculty members, and community leaders willing? Think about what you want, what you believe is the right thing for this community, and ask yourself if you are willing? All it takes is a yes, and a little effort.

A strike involves a lot, and it’s a lot to ask for. It will involve missing school, missing work--maybe for hours, maybe for days--until a change is implemented. I realize that not everyone will be able to participate; I’m not asking for a radical strike that would involve shutting down the hospital and doctors not seeing patients. But professors, students, and other staff members CAN do this strike, without hurting the community, and show that we WILL stand up for what we want and believe in, the “A.”

Let’s unite, truly, and make a change, Augustans.

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