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School board to address hiring practices

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The Richmond County Board of Education will discuss hiring procedures and student-teacher ratios in Advanced Placement classes at its regular meeting today.

Concerns about hiring practices surfaced in August at the board’s fall retreat. Some board members said there is cronyism in the district that gives candidates with connections an advantage over those who are more qualified.

“We’re not fair in our hiring practices,” board Vice President Venus Cain said. “It creates problems because we’re not getting the best qualified people.”

Board President Alex Howard said his main concerns are with communication and timeliness of hiring. When the school year began, Howard said, there were seven school-level administration positions vacant.

He also said that communication is an issue and that cabinet members are not informing the human resources department about vacant positions as they come up or giving recommendations for promotions.

“I think the cabinet members are the ones inside the schools, and their feedback needs to be heard,” Howard said.

The board will meet at 6 p.m. at the central office at 864 Broad St.

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showboat 09/17/12 - 02:40 pm


Concerned Tax Payer
Concerned Tax Payer 09/17/12 - 04:12 pm
main concerns are with communication and timeliness of hiring.

Mr. Howard should be more concerned with the cronyism in the district that gives less qualified candidates a position, than with communication and timeliness of hiring.
As the saying goes, it is not what you know but whom you know.

He should be looking at why the HR department allows such practices. Oops! The Chief Human Resources Officer Mr. Hill, was a friend of Dr. Beddens and Marion Barnes. Guess that will not solve the problem.

tealilly 09/17/12 - 11:12 pm
RCBOE Hiring Procedures

I have been an employee of the board for five and a half years. I work as a paraprofessional at one of the elementary schools. I feel that is past time that the board look into this. I have submitted 47 applications for clerical positions in which I know that I'm qualified for. Not one time have I had the opportunity to interview for a position. That is a shame. I feel that the people that already work in the system should be given first opportunity to move up, instead of people off the streets period. I don't make very much money, and I love working with the children, but at the same time I would like the chance to move into a better paying position. I have seen positions come available at my school and have never been posted, but as soon as I inquire about it to the principal, her response is that she has to wait on the board's decision to send someone to our school.Then the next thing you know is the new person is a friend of or a friend of a friend of the principal. THAT'S SOME SHADY MESS! This has gone on for soooo long, and nothing hasn't been done about it! So yeah, its past due for them to take actions on this matter!

Insider Information
Insider Information 09/18/12 - 08:10 am
The Chronicle should look at

The Chronicle should look at the number of people who supervise relatives and the number of school board members who have relatives working for the school system.

And, it's no secret, about the silly fraternity thing. If you are a member of a certain fraternity, you move up quickly. Just look at the principals hired in the past five years.

lynn7044 09/21/12 - 06:31 am
HR is a Joke

Well the HR have been hiring members like this for so long. I think when some principals wanted some teachers transfer from theirs schools because they were not doing there job and it came to light that these were family members. What happen at least one principal was transfer to another area and another was written up. If you are not qualified to do ther job then you need to do something different.
Because of these choices our students are been cheated out of better teachers who could make more different in our students.
I think there must be a law-suite against RCBOE about the hiring procedures, that's the only time they start doing there job the right way. This should have been done a long time ago and not when legal action comes into play.

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