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Weapons lead to Josey student's suspension

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A T.W. Josey Compre­hensive High School student was suspended for the remainder of this school year and the entire 2012-2013 year after threatening a student with a knife attached to brass knuckles, according to Richmond County tribunal findings recently made public.

The student was given the option to attend Tubman Education Center Alternative Program in lieu of long-term suspension.

  • A Hephzibah High School student was found in possession of marijuana on or around Oct. 28. The student was assigned 45 days of home-based services, after which the student will be assigned to the Tubman Education Center Alternative Program for the remainder of this school year.
  • An Academy of Richmond County student came to school under the influence of drugs or alcohol, used profanity with school safety officers, and was combative and refused to follow directions on or around Nov.2. The student was suspended for the remainder of this school year and for the first semester of the 2012-2013 year, with the option to attend Tubman Education Center Alternative Program in lieu of long term suspension.
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augusta citizen
augusta citizen 12/09/11 - 02:07 pm
If you threaten someone with

If you threaten someone with a knife attached to brass knuckles, why aren't you arrested? Seems this student needs to be at YDC rather than at an alternative school.

dichotomy 12/09/11 - 04:13 pm
Just how much of a little

Just how much of a little criminal do you have to be nowadays to be thrown out of school......period. These tribunals are such a joke.

I am seriously waiting to read the one that says the tribunal sentenced the student to be hanged by the neck until dead and he was given the option to instead attend Tubman Education Center Alternative Program.

The RC sheriff's department could probably increase their chances of solving a lot of future crimes if they would just go down to Tubman and collect fingerprints, DNA samples, and mug shots of all of the students.

PrayN4U 12/09/11 - 04:17 pm
Isn't threatening someone

Isn't threatening someone with a knife attached to brass knuckles considered "assault with a deadly weapon"? Are the schools exempt from the laws of non-students? How much more room does the Alternative School have? One set of laws for the projects, one for the schools, one for the politicians, one for child abusers/molesters, how can there be "equal justice under the law"? Where does it stop?

lifelongresident 12/09/11 - 04:41 pm
why is anyone

why is anyone surprised?!?!?!?!!? the surprising part was no oned has been killed yet....the headline offender and the other cases listed what is the common thread??? they are given relatively short sentences (now everyone "wait for it, wait for it...) OPTIONS TO ATTEND THE "KNUCKLEHEAD...OOOOPS I MEAN THE ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL INSTEAD OF SUSPENSION" everyone it's abundantly clear that rich cnty BOE cares very little regarding the safety/education of the children who want to learn and even less for the employees, 2 of the 3 cases the offenders were violent/threatening to either a fellow student or staff and still they have an option to attend the "knucklehead...oooops i meant the alternative school" instead of expelled and sent back to their sorry, trifling parents to raise. people it's all about money, keeping the fannies in the seats to be counted, the more sorry students who care little for education and don't want to learn that are still attending scholl even if it is nothing more than taking up space that means the test scores remain low allowing the district to continue to qualify for more "knucklehead money" from the federal gov't.....oooops i mean race to the top grant money...and the other student gets "home based services" don't know what it is but it sounds like at home tutoring, maybe they will teach him to count in "grams" or "8 bowls"

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