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Grovetown Elementary teacher accused of abusing pupil resigns

Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2011 10:19 AM
Last updated 8:14 PM
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A Grovetown Elementary School teacher accused of abusing a pupil resigned Tuesday, a day before he had to face a termination hearing before the Columbia County school board.

Superintendent Charles Nagle said in a news release that Kenric Johnson, 27, of Augusta, tendered his resignation Tuesday effective immediately. As a result, Nagle said, the due process hearing has been canceled.

Grovetown police arrested Johnson on Sept. 9 and charged him with simple battery, a misdemeanor. He posted bond and was released the same day.

School officials put Johnson on administrative leave after his arrest.

The arrest followed a Sept. 8 incident in which Johnson’s pupils said their teacher pulled a classmate from his desk by his collar and told him to report to the office. However, as the pupil was leaving, classmates said Johnson grabbed him by the shoulder and yanked him back into the classroom.

Another witness in the hallway during the incident said he overheard Johnson yell at the pupil and call him a “loser.”

Nagle said today that he had requested the hearing after deciding to recommend that the school board terminate Johnson’s employment following an internal investigation.

Termination hearings are similar to trials, with a “judge” overseeing the proceedings while school board members hear testimony against or for the accused.

Despite the resignation, Nagle said Johnson must face an investigation and possible punishment from the Georgia Professional Standards Commission, which licenses and polices teachers. The commission can revoke Johnson’s teaching license.

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showboat 09/20/11 - 10:35 pm
MR. nagle how can u sleep @

MR. nagle how can u sleep @ night!!!!!

Mr. Nagle how can you sleep @ night!!!!!

Cadence 09/21/11 - 12:31 am
That's all he did? Edit: the

That's all he did?

Edit: the teacher, I mean. Students today are so uncontrollable that pulling one by the collar and telling him he was acting like a loser (if that is indeed what happened) is not a big deal. Students today will kill you and I do not exaggerate.

Craig Spinks
Craig Spinks 09/21/11 - 12:37 am
Any system of student

Any system of student behavioral management which does not appreciate the role for physical discipline with the hard-headed child(As I once was. Of course, I'm still hard-headed but am no longer a child.) increases the probability that such a child will end up on the wrong side of the law or in an early grave. My closest, hard-headed lifelong friends would never have made their considerable contributions to society had they not been subjected to a strict disciplinary code involving physical discipline by their parents, grandparents, friends' parents, nannies, nuns and brothers.

When I was told by my last thieving principal that I couldn't put my hand on a child to redirect him/her, I knew it was time for me to go to the house- 9 years before my planned retirement at forty years of teaching service.

Patty-P 09/21/11 - 07:39 am
Students are uncontrollable

Students are uncontrollable today because the 'system' has taken away parents right to discipline (everything is child abuse), and we have taken God out of everything. A teen out of control would be forcibly 'dealt with' by a police officer, but if a teacher or parent should have to deal with a similar situation they are fired or charged with child abuse. I'm not for abuse of any child. But discipline is necessary in order to set boundaries. These days kids can see that anything goes. They behave the way the want because they know there is nothing that can be done to deter the behavior.

seenitB4 09/21/11 - 08:11 am
There you have in a nutshell

There you have in a nutshell what is wrong with the school system of today..

jbartley 09/21/11 - 08:55 am
The children are running the

The children are running the schools and no discipline anymore…

billyjones1949 09/21/11 - 09:02 am
Patty I couldn't agree with

Patty I couldn't agree with you more. Also back in the 60's if you got into trouble the judges would give you a choice-Go into the military or jail. Now the military doesn't want you. Too much high priced equipment for a hard head to manage. I also heard it from a Columbia County school employee that the teacher said if you don't streighten up you will be a loser. That is not the same as calling a child a loser. Why won't the school publish this childs disiplinary record from other classes and years. There has to be more to this than just that time. And Cadence that is what I thought also about the teacher. Way too many touchey parents and PC people today. I would be glad the teacher was trying to help my child.

Austin Rhodes
Austin Rhodes 09/21/11 - 09:05 am
The CCBOE sets up a Kangaroo

The CCBOE sets up a Kangaroo Court in these cases, Johnson did the wise thing to step down. When (and IF) he is cleared in court, or the case against him dropped, he should petition to return to work, and threaten a lawsuit if not reinstalled with back pay as a "settlement".

Nagle ran his mouth on this matter giving NO consideration to the student's behavior and track record in this case, and when the public finds out the kid's track record, which they will if the case goes to court, it ain't gonna be pretty.

Willow Bailey
Willow Bailey 09/21/11 - 11:22 am
Well, here we go again. I

Well, here we go again. I don't think Johnson did the wise thing in stepping down, I think he did the only thing that he could do in this case and have a hope of saving his license.

As to the stating what isn't pretty in that 9 year old child's school records, that is confidential and no person should have that information other than his parents and the appropriate school officials.

The best way to raise a "loser" is to label them as such and remind them of it every time they mess up.

If physical punishment or snatching and grabbing could change hearts and behavior, then I say empty out the prisons, line them up, beat them unmercifully and set them free.

If students misbehave, and they won't leave the classroom on their own, call the office for an escort. If a student's behavior cannot be addressed between parent(s) and school; parent(s) should be forced to withdraw and place into an alternative learning program.

School shouldn't be a place where we "make" people learn, it should be a safe place where they "get" to learn.

School officials need to place the burden of behavioral issues on the parents, AND the students, where it belongs.

workingirl32 09/21/11 - 04:30 pm
This is not a fair game. I

This is not a fair game. I volunteer at school and see some kids are very hard to work with. But the teachers are work so hard to help these kids. I am so sad to see Mr. Johnson's resignation. I am sure he is doing the best for this one bad kid. The parent should apologize for their 9 yrs old son behavior. Watch out, this kids might be more trouble when he grows up. This is just the beginning bad manner. Not respecting the teacher. Mr. Johnson, you did nothing wrong.

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