Hunter, McIntyre face off in State Court judge runoff Tuesday

Voters who didn’t vote early or by mail may vote Tuesday to decide who replaces Richmond County State Court Judge John Flythe.


The contest pits Robert “Bo” Hunter III against current Richmond County State Court Solicitor Kellie McIntyre.

The winner of the election will serve as one of four judges on the State Court bench where misdemeanor criminal cases, which include nearly all traffic offenses in Georgia, are handled, as well as civil lawsuits.

Flythe won the May 24 election to fill the seat of retiring Chief Judge J. Carlisle Overstreet on the Superior Court bench.

Hunter has practiced law in the Augusta area since 1983. In addition to running a private practice in which he has represented clients in civil and criminal matters, Hunter served as the State Court solicitor from 1988 to 1996.

McIntyre is finishing a four-year term as solicitor general. Since passing the bar in 2005, McIntyre worked as a staff attorney for a Superior Court judge in Fulton County before returning home to Augusta to work in the solicitor’s office.

Hunter and McIntyre placed first and second, respectively, in the May 24 primary. Attorney Monique Walker, who raised the most money between the three candidates, $92,017, placed third.

According to the most recent campaign finance reports, Hunter has raised $47,662 while McIntyre has raised $70,058 in contributions, including $13,018 of donations under $100 collected during three fish fries.

Hunter collected the most votes in the May election, 9,496 compared to McIntyre’s 8,634.

Of the voters who cast votes early or by absentee for the May election, McIntyre led the candidates with 3,564 votes compared to Hunter’s 2,225.

According the Board of Elections tally at the close of early voting Friday, 4,318 residents cast votes early or by absentee ballots. Another 274 residents requested absentee ballots but haven’t returned them to the Board of Elections.

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Age: 60

Occupation: Attorney since 1982, the Hunter Firm

Political experience: Richmond County State Court solicitor 1988-96



Age: 47

Occupation: Attorney, Richmond County State Court solicitor general

Political experience: Elected in 2012 as Richmond County State Court solicitor general



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