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Plea deal struck in 2013 Augusta restaurant robbery

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A man accused of robbing and pistol whipping a Surrey Center restaurant owner was sentenced to a probation term Wednesday.

Melvin E. Jackson, 34, entered an Alford plea in Richmond County Superior Court to the reduced charge of robbery. An Alford plea is not an admission of guilt, but rather the acknowledgment of the sufficiency of evidence needed for a conviction.

Assistant District Attorney Rex Myers said the plea agreement benefited the prosecution because the case against Jackson was not very strong.

Henry Colley, the owner of Bistro 491, was in his office Dec. 20, after closing when a masked man armed with a handgun entered the office and demanded money. The man struck Colley in the head with the gun and threatened to kill Colley if he refused to open the restaurant’s safe, according to earlier reports in The Augusta Chronicle.

Colley thought he recognized the voice of the gunman and gave sheriff investigators the names of two possible suspects, one of whom was Jackson, Myers told the judge Wednesday. Colley’s granddaughter, who was outside the restaurant during the robbery, saw the suspected assailant without a mask in the parking lot at Highland Avenue and Wheeler Road.

Both initially failed to identify Jackson in a photo lineup, Myers said. But after a new photograph of Jackson – one showing him clean-shaven and much smaller because of weight loss – was shown to the granddaughter, she identified Jackson as the man she saw in the parking lot.

Jackson maintains his innocence, said his attorney, Maureen Floyd. Jackson had no prior criminal record, and until a near fatal illness in November, he had worked in some of the area’s top restaurants, including Bistro 491, Floyd said.

The risk of a trial and a conviction was too high considering the possibility of a sentence of life in prison, she said.

Chief Judge J. Carlisle Overstreet accepted the plea negotiation and sentenced Jackson to five years probation under the First Offender Act. Jackson must pay a $500 fine and $828 in restitution.

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Pops 08/13/14 - 08:06 pm

got away with one......

dichotomy 08/13/14 - 10:26 pm
So this guy does an armed

So this guy does an armed robbery and pistol whips the victim and gets away with probation????? And our incompetent prosecutor and the lame brained judge went along with this!!!!!

"five years probation under the First Offender Act"

Really??????? Is ARMED ROBBERY and PISTOL WHIPPING what the First Offender Act was intended to cover? Our useless prosecutor pleads an armed robbing, pistol whipping, future murderer down to simple robbery and a "don't worry, be happy" judge goes along with it and gives the future murderer basically NOTHING under the First Offender Act when he should be doing 20 to Life.

The District Attorney's office and our judges are all one big JOKE. It's all just a big game they play with each other and we PAY them good money to do it......and then we pay again with our lives and our property when the punk thugs they turn loose do it again to another one of us.

OUR BIGGEST PROBLEM WITH CRIME IS THE PEOPLE WHO RUN OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM. They are in the wrong profession. They are more suited for working for PETA trying to free the lab monkeys and rats.

jimmymac 08/14/14 - 05:11 pm

Well said!

corgimom 08/14/14 - 06:45 pm
AC, I'd be interested to know

AC, I'd be interested to know how flipa can come on here and accuse people of crimes before they are arrested.

And how is it that flipa can describe someone as "just being let out of jail" but doesn't even know the suspect's name?

AC, can you clarify this?

Because I can see how a lot of innocent people could run into a lot of problems because of this, especially if their names were Ashley Wilson or Tony Mason.

While I despise criminals, innocent people should not have to suffer, either.

kiwiinamerica 08/14/14 - 10:41 pm
Probation, eh?

Yeah.....that'll teach him!!

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