Pardon Our Mess: Sunken road at downtown intersection

A large section of asphalt has sunk at the intersection of Seventh and Broad streets, creating a bumpy ride for motorists.

WHERE: Intersection of Seventh and Broad streets

WHAT: A large section of asphalt has sunk, creating a bumpy ride for motorists in the southbound lanes of Seventh Street.

WHO’S RESPONSIBLE: Traffic Engineering Division or Augusta Utilities Department

ACTION PROMISED: The road appears to have been patched over before, which could mean that the utilities department had repaired lines beneath it before, said Steve Cassell, traffic engineer and interim deputy administrator. After filling the hole, the patch might not have settled properly.

Cassell said he would contact officials with the Utilities Department to determine who is responsible for the patch, which could be repaired by refilling the sunken portion of the road.

– Travis Highfield,

staff writer


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