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Police say Augusta man could be linked to series of burglaries

Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2014 1:17 PM
Last updated 7:38 PM
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An Augusta man who wrecked a stolen Ford pickup while fleeing from deputies Monday could be linked to a series of smash-and-grab burglaries in the area, police said Tuesday.

In less than two weeks starting in late January, police responded to four burglaries at businesses. In each of the cases, a stolen late-1980s to 1990s Ford pickup crashed into the businesses and a masked man tried to remove an ATM. In at least one case, the ATM was removed and dumped behind Tobacco Road Elementary School.

Lt. Calvin Chew said deputies had been told to be wary of large trucks, especially Fords, traveling in the late evenings and early mornings.

About 2 a.m. Monday, a deputy tried to stop a white 1997 Ford F-350 after seeing it run through a red light at Rosier and Windsor Spring roads, but the driver drove off.

The chase continued at speeds up to 80 mph until the driver reached the dead end on Old McDuffie Road, where the truck hit a ditch, went airborne and landed on Bobby Jones Expressway, hitting a passing Chrysler.

Police later discovered that the truck had been stolen from a construction site in the 1900 block of Phinizy Road, near the Charles B. Webster Detention Center. The truck had not been reported stolen at the time of the attempted traffic stop.

The driver, Aloysius Ignatuis Hogues, 41, of Old Waynesboro Road, was booked on charges of theft by taking motor vehicle, fleeing and attempting to elude, and disregard traffic control device.

Chew said investigators are looking at Hogues as a possible suspect in the series of burglaries.

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stuaby 02/11/14 - 10:57 pm
[paste] It's horrible!

[paste] It's horrible! Horrible! What's the world coming to? Damm. Burn him! Fry him! Ghoul! [end paste]

♫♪ [whistling] ♫♪

So, what else is going on? Anything?

grinder48 02/12/14 - 12:08 am

Another fine upstanding citizen. We need to be rid of these vermin

nocnoc 02/12/14 - 07:26 am
Seems this guy has previous conviction(s) and even Ga-Appeals

He was still on probation
which was not due to be completed until May 2015.
See Ga Probation database info below.

He lived about 1 mile from 3 of the crashed stores @ 394_ Old Waynesboro Rd and likely his buddy lives nearby also. So look for that arrest soon also.

He made GA Case Law for the another conviction and he was on probation for when he committed these latest crimes.
Court of Appeals of Georgia. HOGUES v. THE STATE. A11A2291. -- January 26, 2012.

1.) Why is a repeatedly convicted felon even on probation?
Let a lone, so quickly after his last of several convictions?

2.) GA-Appeals are not Cheap Legal services.
Where did this $$$$ come from?

3.) Will we see him back on the streets in another 3 years?

Given the number of people willing to risk going to Prison, maybe prison is too comfortable.

Maybe it is time to re-start Swamp & Road cleaning gangs and tighten down on the comfortable stuff?

Make it a prison not a hotel stay, Humane but clearly a prison.

AutumnLeaves 02/12/14 - 09:20 am
Congratulations on the

Congratulations on the pro-active work by this deputy catching this smash and grab suspect even before this truck was reported stolen from Phinizy Road. If he is dangerous enough to drive straight on into a dead end, and crash through those trees onto the Bobby Jones Hwy, he's a menace to society.

dichotomy 02/12/14 - 10:15 am
"1.) Why is a repeatedly

"1.) Why is a repeatedly convicted felon even on probation?
Let a lone, so quickly after his last of several convictions? "

Because of pansy judges and pansy prison systems and pansy parole boards.

Because we have lost the war with the criminals. Just like the welfare system, working people are only here to provide targets of opportunity for criminals and to support those who will not support themselves, all while judges, prosecutors, and lawyers play games with the criminals who rob us, rape us, and eventually kill us.

This scumbag should have been locked up until he was eligible for Social Security the SECOND time he was convicted. He should NEVER have been loose to do the damage he has done and cause the pain and misery for these store owners.

We have lost our freedom and we have lost our justice. The only thing left for us to do is vigorously defend ourselves against anyone who tries to take our money or property, be they a revolving door criminal or a tyrannical communist government. They are both from the same ilk.

rmwhitley 02/12/14 - 10:35 am

democratic party has lost another card-carrying member for a short time.

JRC2024 02/16/14 - 09:36 am
He is about as dumb looking

He is about as dumb looking as his name sounds.

lifelongresident 02/17/14 - 04:59 pm
i don't get it why did he

i don't get it why did he have to steal, his "pappy" obammy gobes he ebby than hes could ebbah wont, he aint not gots to werk fo he foo stamps, he kin git free houzin, he able to gits to go to deh dok-tah, and he be gittin a chek ebby mont fo sho...he should be sittin high on dah hog wit all he mon-nay he git fo obammy....he is a convicted felon out on parole because "he be black" and racism is why he in jale" y'all dont unnah-stan dats dah black man caint not do good in nuttin cause he be black cna cint not reed or count he nuhm-bah's too guud fo sho dats why dey be welfare and foo stamps cause he daddy aint not in de prah-jek house where he mammy libb with he 5 uddah bruthas and sistahs waitin on dey welfare chek and foo stamps to git dey skrimp, stakes, and crab leggs

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