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Grovetown molester sentenced to two life terms plus 600 years

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A Grovetown man convicted of molesting a young boy has been sentenced to two life terms plus 600 years in prison.

Ronald Wade Stanley, 45, of Millwater Court, Grovetown, received two life sentences plus 600 years for molesting a boy.  SPECIAL
Ronald Wade Stanley, 45, of Millwater Court, Grovetown, received two life sentences plus 600 years for molesting a boy.

A Columbia County jury convicted Ronald Wade Stanley, 45, of Millwater Court, on Thursday of 31 counts – nine counts of child molestation, four counts of aggravated child molestation and 18 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor.

Superior Court Judge Michael N. Annis issued the sentence, according to District Attorney Ashley Wright.

In spring 2012, a man from Decatur, Ga., told Columbia Coun­ty authorities that his 13-year-old son confided in his psychologist that Stanley sexually assaulted him. The boy told the psychologist that starting in 2007, Stanley involved him in masturbation and oral and anal sex, and introduced him to pornography, according to a Columbia County Sheriff’s Office report.

The psychologist contacted the Dekalb County Department of Family and Children Services. The boy hasn’t had any contact with his molester since Stanley’s April 27, 2012, arrest.

Sheriff’s Capt. Steve Morris said the sheriff’s office, as part of a multi-agency Cyber Crime and Computer Exploitation Task Force, seized items from Stanley, including a laptop computer and external hard drive. Stanley was held in the Columbia County Detention Center without bond until his trial.

A jury was selected Monday at the Evans courthouse. The trial began with opening arguments Tuesday. The jury returned guilty verdicts on all counts Thursday, Wright said.

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mrenee2003 11/09/13 - 02:52 am

You are confusing pedophilia with homosexuality. Homosexuals are not more, or less, likely to commit acts of child molestation than are heterosexuals. Let's be clear about who we need to get "off the streets." Any person, no matter his or her sexual orientation, who molests a child needs to go to jail, for life.

nocnoc 11/09/13 - 02:09 pm
"confusing pedophilia with just homosexuality"

To be clear Homosexual means to have sex with the same sex.
not children of the same sex.

A pedophile is a person who has a sustained sexual orientation toward children, generally aged 13 or younger. It normally is gender specific. So Yes pedophiles can go either way. Deviant Straight or Deviant Homosexual.

In this case a male pedophile Forced / Coerced a male child into sex. So it was a Pedophilia having Homosexual sex.

Bluntly put without the PC terms, in this specific case it was a Homosexual Rape of a Child.


Why do we bother with life without parole?
Aren't we just being wimps about what really needs to be done here?

oldredneckman96 11/09/13 - 07:46 pm

What we do not need is any PC or other junk trying to hide homosexuals behind other names. Perversion exists in many forms, that is why we only need one name for it. The TV image of "gays" does not show the real, dark side to the problems that are a part of that type of life. Do not confuse the polished, comical image shown in the media for the reality of the sick life these people lead, just read the last news report of the “gay” club in Augusta. What homosexuals do in private with other consenting adults is their business, what they do in public should be carefully watched.

mrenee2003 11/09/13 - 10:44 pm
Not PC - truth

Unfortunately, there are those who want to believe that sexual deviance/pedophilia exists only among homosexuals. Although I don't care for shows that profile predators for public entertainment, NBC's "To Catch A Predator" demonstrates that many, many heterosexual men are willing to risk their careers, public standing, and families for an opportunity to have sex with 13 year old girls. It's foolish and naive to believe sexual deviant behavior is limited to the homosexual population and that they are the only ones that need to be watched. Google "Sweetie" and you'll read about 20,000 (heterosexual) men trying to contact a 10 year old girl for sex.

LillyfromtheMills 11/10/13 - 04:52 pm
I have no words

for the way I think about this man

Dixieman 11/11/13 - 01:34 am
Hetero or homo,

if you do this to kids you deserve MORE than life without parole!!!

The Doc
The Doc 11/11/13 - 03:52 pm

Take a good look at this man. This is the face of evil. He does not look like a gargoyle or a vampire. He is a normal appearing human being. But he is not normal. He is a monster. He could be your neighbor. Be cautious and keep your children safe.

corgimom 11/11/13 - 04:02 pm
The sad part is that he has

The sad part is that he has many more victims out there.

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