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Augusta couple pleads guilty to child abuse

Friday, Oct. 25, 2013 6:00 PM
Last updated 8:10 PM
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The parents of a 2-year-old who was found covered in rashes and scabs pleaded guilty to child abuse.

Carolyn D. Jackson, 29, and Barret A. Brown, 30, pleaded guilty in Richmond County Superior Court to cruelty to children in the second degree. Judge Daniel J. Craig accepted a plea negotiation and sentenced each to 10 years probation. Jackson was granted First Offender status.

Assistant District Attorney Pierce Blitch said on May 26 a sheriff’s deputy was flagged down by a concerned citizen who overhead Jackson yelling into a phone about someone else taking care of the child. Jackson and Brown were living in a filthy hotel room with the child, who has a skin condition that was worsened by the living conditions.

The child is now in the custody of one of Jackson’s relatives. Conditions of Jackson’s and Brown’s probation sentences include making child support payments and complying with the Department of Family and Children Services.

Jackson’s mother is taking care of three other children by the couple.

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ragingbull 10/26/13 - 12:21 am
Poor babychild. These two

Poor babychild. These two should be permanently sterilized. Hell, in fact they should be both made incapable of engaging in sex.

nocnoc 10/26/13 - 06:43 am
The last sentence says so much

"Jackson’s mother is taking care of three other children by the couple. "

An old saying, which still holds true today.
"If you can't fed them, don't breed them."

The State Taxpayers just started raising 4 more kids.
In 12 to 15 years we'll likely be raising the kids of those kids.

Can we get a Reverend?
Something needs to be done to stop this breed them for $$$$ and benefits culture that has taken root.

Something needs to be done to teach self respect, dignity and morals to the generations that have lost it.

Something needs to be done to teach self reliance is a good thing.

Good luck getting child support out of either of them.

Marinerman1 10/26/13 - 10:40 pm
Working The System - That's All This Is

The community has figured out how to work the system. Breed a kid, mommy can't take care of it, so Grandma steps in and says she'll take care of the child -- for money. SO, we the taxpayers, pay Grandma to take care of the kid/kids for money - tax-free. If Grandma can get daughter to breed three or four, that's 60-80K a year. Pretty good wages, but the kids suffer. This why we need welfare reform !

christyanne76 10/27/13 - 12:19 pm

@marinerman. Where your comment may be accurate for some people, it really takes away from wonderful hardworking people that don't deserve being lumped under that generalization. I was adopted by my biological grandfather. He wasn't rich by any means as he worked in a cotton mill. But I never knew what a wic voucher or Medicaid was. I had a wonderful childhood and the only drawback was not nearly enough years with him as he was 50 when I was born. Now that I'm older I can see the sacrifices he made not just the change in his life. His children were all grown. It was time for him to finally slow down and retire, but instead he took on the responsibility of a brand new life. Something he did not have to do. And he was in very, very poor health. My daddy was and will always be my hero. Therefore, your comment is very insulting to me and every grandparent who struggles to care for children they didn't give birth to. Like I said earlier, perhaps some people have that angle you mentioned but the majority are good people who take on their children's responsibilities even though they don't have to.

useful 10/27/13 - 02:04 pm
sometimes people who don't

sometimes people who don't know the whole story should shut up.
grandma is not asking for a dime from the state or from you.

Marinerman1 10/27/13 - 05:26 pm
My Apologies, christyanne76

My apologies, christyanne76. I did not mean to offend you, or your grandfather. The "angle" that I mentioned, does not even REMOTELY resemble your hard working grandfather, or anyone else like him. You said it best - "He wasn't rich by any means as he worked in a cotton mill. But I never knew what a wic voucher or Medicaid was".

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