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Murder charged dropped in River Glen shooting

Thursday, Aug 8, 2013 6:10 PM
Last updated 9:26 PM
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It started with bloodshed on Jan. 14, 2012, and it could have ended with a murder conviction against the wrong man.

Soweto K. Moody, 19, has been in jail 18 months awaiting trial on charges that included murder. On Thursday, the murder charge was dismissed and he pleaded guilty to three counts of criminal damage to property and being an armed felon. Moody was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Two witnesses named Moody as the man who shot and killed 27-year-old Truemaine Jones on Feb. 5, 2012, in the parking area of River Glen apartments on East Boundary. One of those witnesses was Michael McCorkle, 21, who will face indictment on murder charges in Jones’ death.

According to Assistant District Attorney Justin Jones, McCorkle vowed revenge in the Jan. 14, 2012, shooting death of Doniel Hicks at River Glen. McCorkle held Hicks, whom he said he considered a brother, in his arms as he died.

McCorkle and his friends believed Truemaine Jones supplied the weapon that the shooting suspect, Christopher G. Smith, used to kill Hicks, the prosecutor said. They decided to punish Truemaine Jones and fired at least 11 gunshots at the home where he lived with his grandmother and siblings.

Jones wanted to make peace, and on Feb. 5, 2012, he went to River Glen to speak to Hicks’ brother. Moody was there. So was McCorkle, Justin Jones told the judge Thursday.

Truemaine Jones told Patrick Hicks he had nothing to do with his brother’s death. McCorkle didn’t believe Jones, Moody said Thursday, and shot him.

Defense attorney Harold Jones tracked down other witnesses who corroborated Moody’s account of what happened that night, the prosecutor said, and after digging into the case further and talking with McCorkle – who refused to testify against Smith – Justin Jones decided to drop the murder case against Moody.

“We believe Michael McCorkle was the shooter. We’re not in the business of prosecuting innocent men,” Justin Jones said.

McCorkle is in prison for an unrelated attack in River Glen on two men who were shot at and pistol-whipped.

Moody plead guilty Thursday to charges related to the drive-by shooting of Truemaine Jones’ home. He drove the car and Jordan Dukes, 22, fired the shots. Dukes pleaded guilty in May and is serving a 15-year prison sentence. Smith has been indicted for murder in the Hicks shooting.

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Little Lamb
Little Lamb 08/08/13 - 09:50 pm
River Glen

Maybe I'd better steer clear of River Glen, just to be on the safe side.

myfather15 08/08/13 - 10:22 pm
Oooh, the joy of the Thug

Oooh, the joy of the Thug life!! Drive bye's, stabbings, shootings, prison and death!! Sounds like a bundle of fun all wrapped up in one package, just join your local gang!!

But, I'm sure someone will find a way to blame the "Ruling class" for these guy's acting like this. Besides, they wouldn't act like this if they weren't poor and FORCED to live in low income housing.

Oh, and it's not their fault, it's the disease's fault. They must be addicts and need help battling their disease!!

Somehow, some way; we've got to find a way to divert responsibility away from these innocent children and their parents!! It HAS to be someone elses fault, we've just got to find a scapegoat!!

myfather15 08/08/13 - 10:20 pm
Little lamb

Let me think about that for a minute..........Yeah, that might be a good idea, unless you're bulletproof, but then they would probably stab you!!

myfather15 08/08/13 - 10:45 pm
On another note!!

Have ya'll heard about the 3 black teens beating up the white teen on the school bus?

I expect to see the Reverend Al Sharpton on his way to Florida, to promote racial harmony!! I mean, this HAS to be about race, right? Three black teens beating up a single white teen? I'm sure we will hear the charges are filed as "Hate crimes" right? Then the black school bus driver just watches the beat down, Ooooh the humanity!! Then he has the nerve to say "I did all I could." Really? All you could is to stand there and watch a young man get beat half to death? Ok, so you're 64 and probably couldn't do much, but you shouldn't say "I did all I could".

I also hope they file Strong Armed Robbery charges against them (As adults) since they took the boy's money before fleeing like the cowards they are!! 3 on 1 does NOT make you a courageous person!!

I also hope the victim's parents file a MAJOR law suit against the school!! So a young man REPORTS (as schools advocate) people for trying to sell drugs and you reward his reporting by sticking him on the same bus as the people he reported!! Every single school employee that was aware of this decision, should be FIRED immediately for EXTREMELY poor judgment!!

Did anyone notice the young teen with his pants hanging down and his yellow underwear showing? Now that's a sign of a respectful, courteous young man!! Well, that and the fact he was pulverizing a young mans face in!! That's shows true, upstanding character!!

BUT, if the white teen would have possessed a gun and shot the three thugs, we would be hearing ALL about race in this one!! Let's see how long THIS case keeps getting national attention!!

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