Police say Augusta man is person of interest in car break-ins

Aiken County police said an Augusta man arrested Wednesday for an outstanding Richmond County warrant is a person of interest in automobile break-ins in North Augusta and Clearwater.

According to news releases, Aiken County sheriff’s deputies found Brian Scott Lowry, 52, of Deans Bridge Road in Augusta behind a convenience store Wednesday after investigating automobile break-ins in Woodridge subdivision in Clearwater. Police said Lowry matched the description of the suspect from the break-ins.

He is also a suspect in automobile break-ins Monday evening on Shoreline Drive in North Augusta.

When North Augusta officers responded to the area early Tuesday, they saw a man matching Lowry’s description running through the area.

North Augusta officers believe the suspect hid in an unlocked Shoreline Drive home before making a getaway in a car parked at the residence.

Lowry has not been charged in the crimes. He is at the Aiken County Detention Center on Richmond County warrants.


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