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Man pleads guilty to robbing gas stations

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A man who held up gas stations in Richmond and Columbia counties pleaded guilty Monday to armed robbery and weapon charges.

Khatrell Harris, 22, pleaded guilty in Richmond County Superior Court to the Feb. 7 holdup at a BP station on Gordon Highway and a Feb. 9 robbery at Fuel Ex­press on Jimmie Dyess Parkway.

At the time of the crimes, Harris was on probation for burglary and theft convictions.

Judge Michael N. Annis sentenced Harris to 17 years in prison, followed by 13 years on probation. The judge accepted a plea deal that dismissed other charges, including aggravated assault and another armed robbery charge.

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jimmymac 07/29/13 - 01:54 pm

Why on earth would you give a plea bargain to an obviously violent felon? This judge and others like him are the reason we have rampant crime. He was already on probation when he committed at least four robberies and one wonders about how many other crimes he did that weren't discovered. Weak judges and prosecutors are making a mockery of our courts. Put these thugs in prison and throw away the key.

David Parker
David Parker 07/29/13 - 01:58 pm
Part of me wonders if he

Part of me wonders if he would have been out of jail quicker had he murdered someone. Seems like murder gets around 8 on average no?

mc 07/29/13 - 02:23 pm
He'll be out in six months!

He'll be out in six months! Right back at it.

dichotomy 07/29/13 - 02:27 pm
The CRIMINALS are in charge

The CRIMINALS are in charge of the criminal NOjustice system. He was ON probation, committed SEVERAL ARMED ROBBERIES and an ASSAULT. The judge should have given him 45 years and he could come straight out of prison and go on SS and Medicare.....IF he has ever worked a day in his life......which I DOUBT SERIOUSLY.

This business of letting criminals negotiate and manipulate the system for shorter sentences is causing more robberies and murders. It should not be allowed. The prosecutor and the judges are playing games with OUR lives.

d1zmljqg 07/30/13 - 09:25 am
GA Department of Corrections

Go to this site

to find out more. Look at his mug shot, incarceration history. It says his Max. Possible Release Date is 10/28/30, which appears to be the 17 years. But, it states that, "The Actual Release Date may occur prior to the Max Possible Release Date due to the offender receiving clemency by the State Board of Pardons and Paroles."

Use the site to look others. Let's hold the State Board of Pardons and Parole's feet to the fire.

lifelongresident 07/30/13 - 10:22 am
not to be a wet blanket

folks we are missing the entire issue, it's not the parole board, the judges, the police, or the district atty, ITS THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT!!! what good sentencing this [filtered word]to a long prison sentence when there is no place to put them. yoou close down 401 and do not build another prison/jail (or even expand/increase the same number of beds lost) to hold them. the local gov't would rather take 100 million dollars to build a pipe dream (TEE CENTER), why because they benefit because one or more commissioners who support it may have received a "white envelope", they can not get re-elected on the premise of building a new prison due the construction time, how can a sitting commissioner campaign on a partially constructed prison??...he can't so you take the badly needed 100 million and build the albatross which is called the TEE CENTER, which can be built in far less time...if you are a white commissioner to advocate building jails/prisons you run the risk of being labled a raaaaacist (black make up only 13% of the population but over 35-40% of the prison popoulation), and if you are a black commissioner, the last thing you want to do is build homes for the rats, roaches, and vermin that are spawn and migrate out of the local "prah-jecks" to commit crimes on law-abiding citizens (see above photo), to be a black politician calling for getting tough on crime you would be branded an "uncle-tom" by the local race-pimps and charlatans known as the local religious and community leaders who make their living/filling up their collection paltes every sunday based not on respect for the law, following societal laws, but by the victimization mindset, brainwashing most blacks to believe their_________________(fill in the blank) is in jail not due to braking the law but becasue of racism and the white man singling out black males to just throw in jail (again see above photo). also they preach it is not the black man's fault becasue "slabe-bery and racism" has shut out the black man preventing him from getting an education that other racial groups are able to get (never mind the local school system is and has been run by a black man, and that the current president of the united states has black skin). so please yes the DA and judges deserve some scorn and criticism but unless the voters rise up and demand our local leaders build more and more/bigger and bigger prisons the parole board will have no choice but to release scum like this early, and the DA's will be forced to accept plea deals, and lastly the judges will be force to hand down probation or light sentences becasue there is no where to put dirt like this (see above photo) to keep the law-abiding public safe from the rats, roaches, and vermin birthed by the welfare/foo stamp moocher, leech, and parasitic broodmares you see in cooney circle, dogwood terrace, lake olmstead, east boundry, delta manor, barton village, river glenn, and most of the holders of sec 8 vouchers spread throughout the county.

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