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Stray bullet enters Augusta home

Saturday, June 29, 2013 5:57 PM
Last updated 10:36 PM
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A stray bullet came through an 8-year-old girl’s bedroom window at an Augusta home early Friday.

Shameka Doyle, of Third Ave­nue, told Richmond County police that she was sitting in her living room around 12:30 a.m. when she heard gunshots outside, an incident report said. Her daughter then came into the room and said something had broken her bedroom window and left glass in her eye.

Doyle said she walked outside and found a hole in the bedroom window and later found a hole in the curtain, the report said. Deputies noticed a hole in the wall across from the window with a bullet lodged in it.

Emergency workers found no visible glass in the girl’s eye.

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richmachiatto 06/30/13 - 05:21 am
What really baffles me is

What really baffles me is that people here in town actually debate and have lengthy conversations about "why don't people support downtown"? The answer in on the pages of this newspaper every single day of the year. Augusta is a cesspool of whores, bums, drunks, wannabee thugs, drug pushers, and generally uneducated miscreants. That's the truth.

nocnoc 06/30/13 - 06:42 am
Noc Noc

Hi, my owner sent me to visit your house or your neighbor's, I am not sure which. But I did hear him say "Take this MO- FO". So I guess I am a gift of sorts?

Is anyone here named that, or do I belong next door?


Oh! I apologize for my owner, if he ain't shooting some fool that can't keep his pants up, in the legs, he is shooting off his mouth, or one of my 14 other cousins to visit his acquaintances.

Either way can I stay here a while?
I have a feeling some more of my brothers will show up over time.

oldredneckman96 06/30/13 - 10:42 am

Yep, I had a stray dog come into my house once, however, every bullet in the world goes exactly where you shoot it. You may, after the fact, wish you had not done it, but it went where you pointed. Put these criminals in jail for life when you convict them. That will redirect these "stray" bullets. Dogs, however, will continue to stray, they do not belong in jail for life.

Darby 06/30/13 - 10:55 am
Looks like at least two souls don't like

your implication noc noc. Must make them uncomfortable...

TrulyWorried 06/30/13 - 12:48 pm

Darby - not called for - there are a mother and a child that are involved in this tragedy. And nocnoc should know better. Things are bad enough as they are - don't stoke the fire.

ragingbull 06/30/13 - 02:52 pm
When I first read the

When I first read the headline I too had a vision of a bullet coming in the front door and taking a look around and saying," I think I'm supposed to be next door". So TrulyWorried, don't take Noc Noc's posting so seriously. However, I am relieved the little girl was not injured in any way. Another few inches and it may have been a lot worse.

Darby 06/30/13 - 04:21 pm
TrulyWorried - Regret that I can't share your

horror and chagrin.

No one was hit, no one was killed. That's when I would start using words like tragedy.

Crimes like this happen because we allow them to happen. We have come to tolerate this behavior.

I'd prefer that we track down this type of human scum and administer the most severe justice possible.

No tragedy here, just an unfortunate vignette of what America is becoming as punishment in our modern soft hearted, soft headed society no longer fits the crime.

nocnoc 06/30/13 - 07:20 pm
Regarding my comment.

Yes the shooting is serious.

Yes people could have seriously been hurt.

BUT more serious is some jackA@@ is carrying a firearm around popijng off rounds and did not give dang about anybody but himself.

While the question remains whether the bullet was or was not a stray.

Never the less the bullet did not KNOCK to enter, so a stray bullet did not enter. It broke in, it was a home invader, and the tail end that send it could have also killed a child.

I am sure we agree the Tail end should be found or reported.
But given the area and the culture. I am surprised the Po Po was even called at all.

Likely the tail end in the coming months will take the step up the thug ladder and kill someone or get killed.

3rd Ave. is just off Olive Rd. and Old Savannah Rd.
58 reported Assaults, burglaries, shootings, robbery, drugs etc...
We are talking about a street that is about 1/4 mile long.
This is a poor neighborhood that runs into the project, just around the corner from a church (if it is still there), but I guess that bit of Information is meaningless also. Bet most of y'all don't even know the history of NELLIEVILLE and how DOGWOOD TERRACE HOUSING PROJECT took it from poor working class to below poverty class within a year of being built.

You see, I know the street and area because I dropped off a good friend near there in the early 80's from work a lot, and another friend who lived at 15th and Boykin Place across from the cemetery. Both of them fought to get out of the area and both I heard were successful having got technical training.

As an additional bit of information, the man that raised me Thomas Mack (god rest his soul), lived on 15th AVE up closer to MLK and just before DYER St. a vacant lot now.

That was when the 15th Ave, was Dirt, Mud and ruts and had a dangerous wooden bridge by 15th St intersection.

So yes I know the area and yes it was serious taken.
But, likely the humor is lost on some and not others.

But you know what,
thank you for the comments and votes up or down it means I made someone think a little.

Have a good night.

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