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Man charged with theft by deception in receipt scam

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An Augusta man will face charges of theft by deception after being accused of conning a local Wal-Mart out of refund money.

Justin Scott McGowen  SPECIAL
Justin Scott McGowen

A Richmond County sheriff’s deputy observed Justin Scott McGowen, of Byrd Road, as he entered the Wal-Mart at 3209 Deans Bridge Road empty-handed about 2 p.m. Tuesday, an incident report said. McGowen gathered items before returning to the service desk to obtain a refund using an older receipt.

After completing the transaction – which totaled $56.72 – McGowen was escorted to the store’s security office and tried to flee before he was arrested, the report said.

McGowen told authorities that he had committed the crime several times before, the report said.

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itsanotherday1 06/25/13 - 11:45 pm
A good public caning would

A good public caning would fix thieves like this.

corgimom 06/26/13 - 05:15 am
He's been arrested before, he

He's been arrested before, he will be again

He's been arrested for burglary before, he likes to steal

You would think he'd figure out that he's not too successful as a thief, but if he had any sense he wouldn't be a criminal

myfather15 06/26/13 - 06:27 am

My guess (and this is just a guess) is this person is probably a drug addict; and doing drugs effects ones ability to think clearly!! At that point, rational logic is out the window and getting $50.00 is the only thing important, because it provides the next "High".

So, the fact that he isn't a very successful thief, doesn't come into this thought before doing such things. He is thinking of one thing and one thing only, getting high.

Not to mention, for everytime they get caught; they've got away MANY times, so we don't know just how successful he has been.

bdouglas 06/26/13 - 09:35 am
You know, Walmart cut greeter

You know, Walmart cut greeter positions at all their stores to where they only had them a very limited portion of the day. Before, you couldn't get in the store with an item for return without getting one of those little price stickers put on it. This proved to them that you came in with the item and didn't just go pick it up in the store like this guy did. Have a feeling they'll be seeing more and more of this if they don't do something differently.

Marinerman1 06/26/13 - 09:53 am
Hey Justin...

This is your wake up call. It is time to get a real job, since you apparently now suck @ being a criminal. This is the type of individual we should try and assist in getting some kind of "trade" training, and a job. If he screws up after that, throw his butt in jail, and throw away the key. We've tried rehabilitation, and it didn't work.I agree that it probably is drugs.

x58dav8r 06/26/13 - 01:33 pm
Hey Marinerman1

"This is the type of individual we should try and assist in getting some kind of "trade" training, and a job." You mean like public schooling to include vocational training if you want it? We did that, he chose to not go the more traditional route of being a productive member of society so let's throw his butt in jail now and keep him there for awhile.

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