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Nursing home employee charged with hurting Alzheimer's patient

Wednesday, June 19, 2013 10:52 PM
Last updated Thursday, June 20, 2013 12:23 AM
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A nursing home employee was arrested Wednesday in connection with assaulting an Alzheimer’s patient.

Lashanda Annette Johnson, 32, of Augusta was charged with simple battery and protection of a disabled adult and elder person. She was held in the Richmond County jail Wednesday night.

According to a Richmond County incident report, Johnson, who works at The Place, 3235 Deans Bridge Road, woke the patient to change her bed sheets when the patient started fighting. Johnson pushed the patient back into her bed and said she would hit the patient if she fought again.

Authorities responded to the nursing home Wednesday morning after a bump was found on back of the patient’s head. During the investigation, police reviewed surveillance video of the patient’s room, which showed the incident occurring early Monday morning.

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nocnoc 06/20/13 - 06:52 am
Visit every day you can. It

Visit every day you can.

It is important you quickly establish yourself and family with the Staff and Management and put them on notice that you are a caring and interested family. NOT a dump and run, we are too busy type to bother group of animals waiting for move on.

The LESS the elderly family member is visited, or the more routine a pattern of visitation is established in a nursing home or care facility, the more likely for mistreatment or a scheduled negligent period occurs.

Always ask the family member care and treatment questions without the STAFF around. If a problem is suspected have another family member stand near the nurses station to see if the visit is being monitored over the intercom.

Since returning to Augusta we have had to use 3 different nursing and care facilities in the area for various family members.

The 2 in Thomson have proven to be more caring and attentive.

A local multiple location version we had to call GA Gov. about and file a complaint to get action and care.

* an overworked staff which tended to be short tempered and care at a low point. 2 CNA's, 1 RN, & 1 on-call doctor for 250 elderly intensive care patients.

* Restrooms shared by 4 elderly male and females.

* Male patients wondering the halls at 2am and uninvited into female patients rooms is inappropriate.

* Urine smell all day from lack of attentive changing.

* Patient request lights ignored.

and so much more.

Chose wisely it is a family member.

soapy_725 06/20/13 - 07:40 am
Where is the photo?

Some visiting The Place at Deans Bridge may want to know this person for future reference.

sugarbutton 06/20/13 - 08:49 am
Believe me, with my mother

Believe me, with my mother being in 3 different nursing homes we knew to show up randomly and who her nurses were that were on schedule. Sadly, it's not just the CNA'S and medical staff you have to observe. My mother was treated very disrespectfully by a home in Keysville, GA who had little respect for patients or the families when they had concerns. Ombudsman came 3 times for complaints and that was enough to anger the DIRECTOR, (who did not have a degree) to send my mother to a Behavioral Hospital for what was supposed to be 14 days max. She told me after she stayed for 15 days (wonder how that happened?) that her belongings were in storage and she didn't have a room. Thank you Lord for Pulaski giving my mother safe haven for several months until we knew we had to get her closer to home. On one visit a patient pounded on me with her fist when she came out of the bathroom and I was visiting my mother. Luckily my son was there and pulled her off me and restrained her until medical staff (3 of them) got her under control enough to take her away and sedate her. I would not leave until I knew she would not be allowed back in the room. They told me I'd have to call the director to have mother's room changed. When I called the next day it it never been spoken of again and was never reported. When I said, I'm on my way (two hours drive there) they promptly told me she was being moved immediately. Yes, the other patient had severe issues but she was in her early 40's and was very strong....and found out she had done this type of thing before to patients, she needed to be in a room alone and not with a diabetic with neuropathy and dementia and parkinsons disease. I've lived the nightmare which in turn caused an ulcer and tremendous anxiety for me. Please, please don't rely on the staff there. Yes, they truly are understaffed and overworked. There are some good caring people in some of the homes. We have to see that no harm comes to them even right down to food and drink being within reach them.

God Bless the staff at one of the nursing homes in Thomson. She was treated well and they were never mean spirited when I would pop up randomly. Someday we may be in the very places our parents and loved ones have been. NO, not how I want to spend my last days. I pray my children will find a good place for me.

Thankful for the generation of seniors who lived in a much better world.

redapples 06/20/13 - 09:18 am
It is a low-life excuse for a

It is a low-life excuse for a human being that will injure or prey upon the young or elderly! I do know how trying working with Alzheimer patients can be so if you can't handle it, get out before it comes to this! YOU have a choice, that patient does NOT.

Fiat_Lux 06/20/13 - 09:26 am
You can't even begin to imagine what a horror this can be

My daughter finally had to quit working at a local nursing home because the physical and especially the emotional toll was so great. She had patients crying and begging her not to leave them--because she was kind and caring and made sure they got what they needed.

Unfortunately, rather than work together to deal with the massive workload, her self-absorbed, heartless, clueless, minimum-wage co-workers had far more interesting things to do, like hide in the break room reading Harlequin novels and interacting with their cell phone as if it were their lover.

About every two months, and more than a year after her experience, she still says to me, "You will never, ever, be in a place like that as long as I'm alive."

I'm praying for a quick exit that predates dementia, immobility and incontinence, both for myself and for my beloved, because this situation is only going to get more hellish for the boomer generation.

Farmboy 06/20/13 - 10:45 am
My Mother

Had to go to a nursing home for rehabilitation, but was only there for all of 1 day and then she passed away. While I hate to see my mom go, I am so very thankful that it happened that way. She did not want to be there and ended up not having to be. Thank you Lord. Glory be to God. Thank you so much.

fishman960 06/20/13 - 10:47 am
Just wait

Till Obamacare kicks in fully. We will not have these pesky terminal patients hanging around nursing homes, taking up valuable resources.

Marinerman1 06/20/13 - 11:16 am
Parents -- Be Kind to Your Children

Last year, I witnessed a woman (well, she had the female equipment), slap her teenage daughter because she did not want to try to handle her little brat brother. I stepped in and told her not to do that again. I also told her that she'd best be a lot kinder to her daughter, because she would be the one to pick out the Nursing Home. I think she realized what I was saying. Sad, but true.

BamaMan 06/20/13 - 12:06 pm
My parents

are both gone now, and are missed sorely. I am SO thankful they were able to escape this type of environment, pass away at home or in the hospital. Absolutely horrid that humans would be treated in such a manner.

pelumaad 06/20/13 - 04:02 pm
Only in America....

How the hell do you pay CNA's minimum wage and expect better? This society is destroying itself.

dashiel 06/20/13 - 05:18 pm
Stay Home

Do any statistics exist regarding the harm other nursing home residents do? A seemingly kindly gesture can prove fatal--such as serving a cup of water to a roommate on a feeding tube--into the lungs and on to the hospital.

studmuffin1533 06/20/13 - 07:50 pm
Georgia Congressmen and Alzheimer's

Sens Isakson and Chambliss have not supported Alzheimer's support or research. Nor Congressman Broun, who declined to meet with Alzheimer's representatives in March.
Every dollar we spend on Alzheimer's research will repay us with $748 in reduced medicare/medicaid costs by 2050. Do the math!

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