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TB patient gets second chance to comply with medical treatment

Friday, May 31, 2013 5:37 PM
Last updated 9:58 PM
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A tuberculosis patient who refused medical treatment – a decision that could have been lethal to himself and a public health danger – will have another chance to comply with the Richmond County health department.

At a hearing Friday at the Rich­mond County jail, Superior Court Judge Sheryl B. Jolly decided to
give Richard Pearre Jr. a second chance.

Earlier in the week, Jolly issued an order for Pearre’s arrest under the state law that gives the court authority to have a person who poses a public health threat arrested and involuntary committed to a medical facility for treatment.

On Friday morning, attorney John Manton was appointed to represent Pearre. If Pearre again refuses to comply with medical treatment, Manton will represent him at a
hearing before Jolly would order an involuntary commitment of up to two years.

The Richmond County Board of Health petitioned the court for assistance in Pearre’s case.

Pearre was diagnosed with TB in January. Though he initially complied with treatment, on April 2 he refused to continue taking the daily doses required for the drug regimen needed to effectively treat TB.

If a patient stops taking the medication before the regimen is finished, he can develop a strain of TB that is drug resistant, and
the patient can become infectious again, according to earlier court testimony.

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nocnoc 05/31/13 - 07:14 pm
Ankle monitoring would have

Ankle monitoring would have been my additional requirement with a NURSE showing up daily to give the person a pill.

If you have ever seen Advance TB in a person it is hideous to watch the coughing fits, coking for a breath of air and bloody flim in the later stages.

An yes I personally seen it.
GI's coming back from Vietnam in the early 70's with the then early versions of TB drug resistant strains over on C Wing/Corridor ? at the TB Ward at the Ft. Gordon old hospital.



GiantsAllDay 05/31/13 - 09:15 pm
By all accounts, TB is a

By all accounts, TB is a nasty condition that no one would ever want to experience. So why in the wild wild world of sports would a person not want to take the medicine? Are there side effects? Or is this guy just plain crazy? Knowledgable people, please enlighten me. Thanks.

dstewartsr 06/01/13 - 12:51 am
There are side effects

... but nothing that is worse than the disease. The course of treatment was daily doses of INH (Isonaizid) and Rifampin. In my case, I had nothing more than a year long upset stomach and a headache within an hour after taking meds. The meds can cause liver damage, but so can most cholesterol medications. I was on the regimen for over a year and have to have yearly x-rays.

GiantsAllDay 06/01/13 - 02:10 am
dstewartsr, thanks for the

dstewartsr, thanks for the info. Wishing you continued good health.

soapy_725 06/01/13 - 07:46 am
Where does this guy work?

Some may want to know? Is it a restaurant? Hospital? School?

Mike Allison of the health department testified that Pearre was one of his clients. After it was determined Pearre was no longer a health threat, HE RETURNED TO WORK and Allison found it nearly impossible to meet with Pearre after March 13. Pearre kept dodging the home visits, Allison said. The last time Allison talked with Pearre – when he chanced seeing Pearre driving and Allison followed him home – Pearre became hostile, told Allison he wasn’t taking any more medicine and ordered Allison off his property.

Valkyrie1 06/02/13 - 05:21 pm
I support this

Usually I hate government involvement in what a person chooses to do with their own body. However I had to spend a year on medication and get chest x-rays every year because someone didn't report a TB outbreak in my office until 6 people had come down with it. I get to spend the rest of my life monitoring myself because several somebodies did not do what they should have done.

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