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Augusta man who shot good Samaritan sentenced to 45 years in prison

Wednesday, May 22, 2013 5:54 PM
Last updated 10:47 PM
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A man who shot a good Samaritan in the face was sentenced to 45 years in prison Wednesday.

Judge Carl C. Brown Jr. sentenced Stanley L. Fields to the maximum time possible for aggravated assault, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime and two counts of attempted burglary. A Richmond County Superior Court jury convicted the 20-year-old of all charges Wednesday.

Fields was 18 years old and Aaron Bey was 16 when they broke into apartments on Skinner Mill Road just after midnight Feb. 18, 2011.

Wayne Eggins Jr. was a healthy, working man looking forward to marriage and the birth of his first son when he took action to stop two men from breaking into a neighbor’s apartment.

“Mr. Eggins is a walking, talking miracle,” Assistant District Attorney Grant Usry said Wednesday. A bullet fragment is still lodged in his brain, and he’s partially paralyzed, in constant pain, and unable to work or hold his son in both arms, Usry said.

Fields said he was there the night Eggins was shot but insisted Bey was the shooter. He pleaded not guilty.

Bey, however, said Fields was the shooter. Though Eggins couldn’t identify the man who shot him, he said one of the burglars was Bey and that Bey could not have shot him.

Bey pleaded guilty in June and received a sentence of 11 years in prison followed by 24 years’ probation.

Fields apologized to Eggins on Wednes­day.

“It wasn’t my intention to hurt anybody,” he said.

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my.voice 05/22/13 - 08:00 pm
"It’ wasn’t my intention to

"It’ wasn’t my intention to hurt anybody,” he said.

He should get another ten years for that stupid comment alone.

Young Fred
Young Fred 05/22/13 - 11:28 pm
Too bad you can't "sentence"

Too bad you can't "sentence" concrete shoes and a ride on the river.

So what exactly does "45 years" equal in real time? Out on "good" behavior in 16 months?

I pray this man reforms his ways, and I pray for him that the victem's family is of the forgiving kind.

longarm 05/23/13 - 06:59 am
Grant Usry is one heck of a

Grant Usry is one heck of a good prosecutor and a credit to this community.

jmo 05/23/13 - 08:01 am
"I didn't intend to hurt nobody"

Why do you have a gun?

nocnoc 05/23/13 - 11:29 am
May they serve

every single day of their sentences.

Another example of meaningless gun control laws.
18 & 16 y/o Teens are prohibited by State and Federal Laws from having a pistol.

Now 45 Years, if they serve 1/2 to 3/4 that will cost us the taxpayers more than they will ever be worth to society.

I would suggest we return to Hard Labor Farm Prisons.
Make them grow, at the least, what they eat.

David Parker
David Parker 05/23/13 - 03:59 pm
Not an exact science but I

Not an exact science but I believe the amount of time he will serve will be around 15 years or 1/3 or 3-for-1 in prison speak.

JRC2024 05/23/13 - 09:25 pm
Nonoc you are exactly right.

Nonoc you are exactly right. He is and never will be worth anything to society just like all who commit crimes against others.

TrulyWorried 05/23/13 - 11:23 pm
Sentences for criminals

TENTS - pink jump suits - pink underwear - no TV - no special privileges - no air conditioning, no meals served on time (I hear it on the scanner when they line up to serve the meals to those 'poor' locked up criminals) - Makes me sick. Stop treating them in such a good manner, change the sentences to BE sentences - not comfortable accomodations at our (taxpayers') expense!! Wake up judges - sock it to them and make them realize they are in jail for their crimes!!!

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