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Men involved in Augusta shootout sentenced on weapon charges

Thursday, May 9, 2013 3:11 PM
Last updated Friday, May 10, 2013 12:23 AM
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Devin Washington doted on his father until the twin towers fell with his father inside on Sept. 11, 2001, his defense attorney said Thursday.

Next month, Washington, 20, must stand trial a second time on a charge of murder.

He and Marcus Washing­ton, 23, no relation, stood trial together last week in Richmond County Superior Court. They blamed each other for starting a July 5 gun battle outside a Gordon Highway nightclub that killed Pr’shawn Williams, 22.

The jury deliberated for 10 hours May 3 before acquitting Marcus Washington of malice murder, deadlocking on the felony murder charge against Devin Washington, and convicting both men of possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.

On Thursday, Judge Sheryl B. Jolly sentenced Marcus Washington to three years in prison, followed by two years probation under the First Offender Act. She sentenced Devin Washington – who was on probation for aggravated assault with the intent to kill and facing additional charges of attempted murder in Aiken County – to five years in prison, the maximum possible for the weapons charge.

The months the men spent in jail awaiting trial have changed them, defense attorneys Martin Puetz and Jacque Hawk told the judge; they want to leave the street behind.

Devin Washington wants to become a man his father could be proud of, Hawk said.

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Ego556 05/09/13 - 03:33 pm
what a little dirt bag. going

what a little dirt bag. going to try and use the death of his father to get a lighter sentence or an acquittal. i'm sure daddy is real proud.

owensjef3 05/09/13 - 04:45 pm
Why not just fight it out,

Why not just fight it out, just dumb guys

avidreader 05/09/13 - 05:53 pm
Jacque Hawk, the Hawk!

Jacque Hawk is quite the courtroom jester. He can produce silk from the proverbial sow's ear. I'm not a scum bag, but if I were, I'd hire him. He seems to always come out on top of the system. His client will probably be on the streets again, stealing someone's car (or life). Lawyers are cool! The good ones fulfill their obligations with vigorous efficiency.

Go Hawk!

nocnoc 05/09/13 - 08:04 pm
...normal little boy who

...normal little boy who doted on his father until the day the twin towers fell with his father inside...

Lawyers have no shame.
They'll do whatever it takes to win a case even when the client is red handed guilty.

More on the Father:
Derrick Washington 33
A Verizon employee in World Trade Center Tower Two
on the 110 floor. In short he never had a chance to get out.

Devin's father was a hard worker and well respected.
The father would be crying that 1 of his 3 sons turned out to be a a gang banging thug.

His wife Kiesha Washington ended up risen the children: Christopher, 12, Devin 7, and Malik 3 at the time.

What his wife wrote in his memorial Guest book seems to sum it up.

February 12, 2007
To my beloved husband I miss you so much. I wish you could have been around to assist in the development of our children. They are growing older and I know you can see that. You will always be in my heart I miss you.

To all that wrote in this guess book by reading the beautiful comments made my heart feel good. Thank you.
Kiesha Washington,
Riverhead, New York

How Devin ended up in Augusta GA is a story in itself. But he was given 2 good role models, Devin chose another path.

DEVIN screwed up.
DEVIN made his own mistakes.

The 9-11 angle was a nothing more than a poor attempt to gain a personal touchy - feely edge with the jury.

RaceAlwaysMatters 05/10/13 - 09:18 am
What a real shame!

Devin, is the only one who can be blamed for HIS behavior. He was loved by his father, prior to his tragic death; he was loved and cared for by his mother who moved here to give her children a better way of life and to be near her older brother...and her brother who helped her all he could raising those boys. I know this, because I know the family. My heart aches for this young man, but he alone is responsible for the good and bad choices he made in his life. As for Vic Hawk...he is paid by his client to do a job...get him off and that is what he must do. He is obligated to interject doubt into the legal not do this he has failed in his mission. The guilty(in our eyes) has a right to fair representation just like the innocent.

rmwhitley 05/10/13 - 12:42 pm
I'm certain

his attorney is a Tea Party member in good standing. Pardon the sarcasm, true conservatives. Lowyers are not high on my list of reputable occupations.

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