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Evidence from 2006 killing can be used in Richmond County homicide trial

Friday, April 5, 2013 5:08 PM
Last updated 10:03 PM
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If the prosecutor can bring in witnesses to prove that blood found on Seth Rouzan’s shoes in 2006 came from a homicide victim, the evidence can be used against Rouzan when he stands trial for a 2012 homicide.


Judge Daniel J. Craig issued the ruling Friday in Richmond County Superior Court, where Rouzan, 27, faces charges of murder and a weapon violation in the Aug. 21 killing of Joseph Williams II, 64.

Williams was gunned down on First Street in front of his 8-year-old son. The boy picked Rouzan out of a photographic lineup as the man who fired the fatal shots, Assistant District Attorney John Markwalter said.

Rouzan and a teenager charged as an adult – Ronnie Pontoon, 16 – have pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The evidence from the 2006 slaying will not be used against Pontoon.

It can be presented if Rouzan is tried separately, however. In the Dec. 12, 2006, homicide, Rouzan was charged with murder, armed robbery and burglary in the death of 39-year-old Jeffrey Labord.

The victim was found shot to death on Doublegate Court in the early morning hours. The investigation determined that his assailant rummaged through Labord’s clothes to steal his keys and then drove the victim’s vehicle to Labord’s home, where he stole several items.

Witnesses told investigators that Rouzan was selling numerous items within hours of the homicide and that he told at least one person he had shot the person who owned them, Markwalter said Friday.

In July 13, 2009, Rouzan pleaded guilty to reduced charges of voluntary manslaughter and burglary for a recommended sentence of five years in prison followed by 15 years on probation. With credit for the 2½ years he’d spent in jail, plus good behavior, his release was granted that day.

Rouzan’s new case is on the April 22 trial calender, although Friday’s ruling can necessitate a delay.

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Darby 04/05/13 - 09:02 pm
Anything you subsidize, you get more of...

and that includes soulless, sociopathic killers.

Two and a half years (30 months) for killing another human being and stealing from his dead body.

Our society is sick... and dying!

bumblebeerose 04/06/13 - 06:02 am
SO right

You are so right. If this man had went to jail for the first murder the current one would not have happened.

Maybe this will teach the DA's not to use plea deals where murder is concerned. Send them to jail for a long long time.

jimmymac 04/06/13 - 07:28 am

Who ever was responsiblefor letting this thug out after two plus years in prison has the blood of the new victim on their hands. Shame on them for plea bargaining an obvious capitol murder down to time served. It's time to throw all these lazy "public servants" out on their rear ends and get some prosecutors in there that will puts these parasites in jail where they belong.

rmwhitley 04/07/13 - 06:00 pm

naacp's poster boy for a model citizen in need of gubmint assistance.

Darby 04/07/13 - 10:00 pm
"Send them to jail for a long long time."

You will be told that we can't afford it. To which I say, emulate Sheriff Joe out there in Arizona. Bulldoze a large area of land, put up tents and barbed wire, provide only the essentials and make the inmates supplement their diet by growing their own food in gardens outside their tents.

No TV, no weight rooms, no nothing except maybe a library.

Sounds like a plan to me.

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