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Suspects sought in Tuesday shooting

Tuesday, April 2, 2013 12:19 PM
Last updated 7:39 PM
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Richmond County sheriff’s deputies are seeking two men after an 18-year-old was found wounded early Tuesday in Harrisburg.

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According to a news release, deputies found Nethaniel Dennis lying in a field off the 1900 block of Pearl Avenue. Dennis was taken to Georgia Regents Medical Center with a gunshot wound to the hip and groin.

He underwent surgery and his condition was not made public, police said.

One of the shooting suspects goes by the name “Doobie” and is a slender black man with dark complexion in his mid-20s. The second suspect is described as being of dark complexion and about 22.

Police also said they are looking for a four-door, gold colored Acura Sedan.

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rmwhitley 04/02/13 - 11:38 am

a doobie brother.

lifelongresident 04/02/13 - 12:08 pm
well another "black-on-black"

well another "black-on-black" shooting...i am sure the shooters are upstanding citizens both well educated, i am sure "ole doobie" is a pillar to his community...we are the marches by the paine college students chanting outdated and idiotic statements like "no justice, no peace"..where are "ole rev al, or the race pimp jessie jackson"??? i do not get it when it was "trayvonn" everyone was walking around wearing "hoodies" as a protest to his death but since the victim was shot by other blacks i guess he doesn't count because there's not money to be made and no tv cameras nearby....lets profile shall we....the shooters pare black, products of single parent (women led) households and the only source of income is "da gubment" which includes welfare, EBT, "gubment housing" utility subsidies, of course geing children of "da gubment" they are high school dropouts with little or no job skills or work histories, are probably lazy and shiftless with little or no motivation to do anything other than what they are doing now...each shooter probably has sired 2-3 babies by different women, and of coures they aren't paying child "suppoat",, the shooters probably never seen or know their "daddie" and each shooter is probably not a stranger to the criminal justice system (has a criminal record) but we are law-abiding citizens are not supposed to profile when walking down the street because "to profile dem it be hurtin dey feelin's and sef esteem" oh and one other thing the shooter probably have "dreads" ane wear their pants down below their butts...its called saggin (spell this word backwards and this is what white society thinks of those who wear their pants this way-that's way this style was changed to "swag") more monkey shot by his own

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