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Long-time criminal headed back to prison

Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2013 3:05 PM
Last updated Thursday, Feb. 14, 2013 1:39 AM
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An Augusta man whose criminal history includes 56 arrests received the maximum sentence possible Wednesday.

Norman Eugene Parker was sentenced to 12 years.  SPECIAL
Norman Eugene Parker was sentenced to 12 years.

The only reason the 12-year sentence wasn’t longer, the judge told Norman Eugene Parker, was that he couldn’t legally do so.

Parker, 55, asked the judge for leniency. He had recently reconnected with his children and discovered he is a grandfather. Parker said one grandson was starting to get into trouble and he wanted to use his own experience with the criminal justice system to convince the child to choose a different path.

“You have lied your entire adult life,” Judge J. Wade Padgett said. “You stole from people just trying to get through the day.”

To suggest Parker could steer anyone any place other than a jail cell is ludicrous, Padgett said.

Earlier this month in Rich­mond County Superior Court, a jury convicted Parker of entering a vehicle with the intent to commit a crime and misdemeanor obstruction of an officer, crimes committed April 21.

Assistant District Attorney Adam Land had filed notice on Parker that if he insisted on a trial and was convicted, he would face the maximum sentence possible for each crime and would serve any incarceration without the possibility of parole – two conditions possible because Parker had previously been convicted of at least three felonies.

Parker, who has more than a dozen aliases, has been arrested 56 times since 1981 and had 13 previous felony convictions, Land said. Parker still had six years on probation for two of his most recent convictions before April.

Padgett revoked Parker’s six-year probation sentence, converting it to a prison sentence. He also ordered that prison sentence to run consecutively to the six years incarceration for Parker’s most recent crimes.

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Riverman1 02/14/13 - 08:45 am
When you are simply described

When you are simply described as a "Long-time thief" you know you've gone wrong.

Edit: They changed the headline to "Long-time criminal."

oldredneckman96 02/13/13 - 06:44 pm
Long-time thief

With 13 prior felony convictions, we need to review every Judge that has let this man run free in the past, and remove them from office. We owe that to the officers who endanger thenselfs everytime they have to arrest him and to the victims of his crimes who would not have been victims if he had been in jail. Stop crime once and only once and you will stop crime once and for all.

wildman 02/14/13 - 05:53 am
Judge Padgett

Thank you Judge Padgett, as a citizen I feel much better knowing you will not tolerate any BS from the criminal element. Great JOB!

Jane18 02/14/13 - 12:28 pm
Grandpa, The Habitual Criminal

This guy never learned from his "mistakes", how in the world did he ever think he could convince his grandson anything? The one thing I hope this grandson learns, is that Grandpa was a criminal and now Grandpa is going to pay for it by going away to prison!!

myfather15 02/14/13 - 11:45 am
Where are they?

Where are our liberal "friends" such as techfan, specsta, faithson on this story? They would say we should have compassion and the sentence is far to tough because this man just made a "mistake"; 56 times. We've all made mistakes; this could easily be you or me standing in front of the judge. Where is the compassion for those less fortunate than us? This man was probably just stealing to feed those grandchildren; because the system is corrupt, causing him to be poor, which isn't his fault. We are going to send him to prison for 12 years for trying to feed his family? How cruel are we as a society?

I guess nothing has changed since the times of genocide against the American Indians and slavery days. We are still enslaving and imprisoning minorities for simple mistakes and trying to feed their families.

Sorry guys, but I didn't figure they would come within 1000 yards of this story, so I thought I would show the bleeding heart today..........Well, not really.

bubbasauce 02/14/13 - 11:49 am
There is still a good Judge

There is still a good Judge in Augusta! Great job.

happychimer 02/14/13 - 03:03 pm
liberal friend? Here I am!

liberal friend? Here I am! myfather15 why would you attack liberals? This man should not have gotten a 2nd chance on the 1st crime he did.So don't put me in with anyone who is soft on crime. I am against the death penalty, but not against serving the time for doing the crime.

kiwiinamerica 02/14/13 - 03:32 pm
He "just discovered he is a

He "just discovered he is a grandfather"?? ROFL........

Yep, this guy is the poster boy for absentee, irresponsible deadbeats who father children and then disappear, either to jail or to another town and leave their offspring and baby mammas to go it alone. The cycle then repeats.....and repeats.....

Is there a chapter of Felons Anonymous in Augusta? This guy should join. Maybe some group therapy could help him with his crime addiction.

rmwhitley 02/14/13 - 05:57 pm
Well, he's back

on our payroll until he's released to prey on us again. Maybe he'll be slower in his 60's.

sammie35 02/14/13 - 11:34 pm

This man is a liar and a BIG JOKE! I am one of his offspring and I will tell you that he does not even know how many children that I have or my sister (His other daughter) have. He does't know the names of our children and has never stolen a thing to feed us. Our mother has provided for the past 40 & 36 years. This man should be locked up for the rest of his life. It's bad enough that he has caused so much pain to his own offspring, you'd think that he would stop there. I pray for the best for him in prison where now our tax dollars have to feed him.

kittygirl 02/15/13 - 12:12 am

DONT USE ME!!!!I wanted to be a there for him but he let us down. Yes he is my father and i love him to death. But all your life you been locked away from your kids and grandkids. Enough is enough!!!! And you been knowing us forever you didnt just find us..WE DID'NT HIDE.Do the crime you do the time.. I love you still

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