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Thomson slaying draws large crowd to scene

Saturday, Jan. 26, 2013 8:12 PM
Last updated 10:43 PM
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A shooting death drew hundreds to a Thomson neighborhood Saturday, with extra officers being called in to control the scene.

McDuffie County Sheriff Logan Marshall said his office received a call around 4:45 p.m. about a black male found dead on a kitchen floor in the 100 block of Pounds Street. The victim was identified as Jonathan Curry, 36.

Winston Orlando Smith, 21, of Dunn Street, has been arrested and charged with murder, said Pat Morgan, a special agent in charge with the Georgia Bureau of Investi­gation.

As soon as the shooting was reported, about 250 people swarmed the scene. The sheriff’s office called in Georgia state troopers, off-duty deputies and Department of Na­tural Resources agents to help with crowd control. Mor­gan said the neighborhood was calm Saturday night.

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OpenCurtain 01/27/13 - 08:55 am
Article requires reader assumptions.

Comment based on


Given the basic information of STAFF REPORT Saturday, Jan. 26, 2013 8:12 PM - Last updated 10:43 PM, I understand the following:

A older BLACK male was found murdered on a kitchen floor at one location by a younger Male (RACE UNKNOWN) of another location.

A MOB of (RACE UNKNOWN) 250+ people converged on the location.Requiring ALL available Law Enforcement to be called in to stop the MOB from becoming a RIOT.

Given these summations, are we to conclude the SHOOTER was WHITE? Since no race was indicated? An the MOB was Black, since no race was indicated?

Or What?

Leaving key story related info out
pushes people to make assumptions and we all know what assumptions tend to lead 1/2 the time in the wrong direction.

BTW: The Shooting location is similar in nature to the Augusta Laney Walker side streets across the tracks from MCG. It is also the area that Thomson residents of all races poured out to help for days with food, shelter, and cleanup after the tornado hit that area a few years ago. An is 3 streets over from my Mothers house on Cleveland St. Any MOB like this is unusual in Thomson.

soapy_725 01/27/13 - 10:25 am
Is this Cherokee?

Is this Cherokee?

Jane18 01/27/13 - 03:36 pm
Another Murder............

Always have "gawkers", but never a "witness"..................... Sure doesn't speak well of a community when soooooo much law enforcement must be brought in for control.

roblever59 01/27/13 - 05:44 pm
Get the facts

Wait and get the facts before we start making these type comments.

Just My Opinion
Just My Opinion 01/27/13 - 06:57 pm
Agree with Jane. A

Agree with Jane. A well-educated, well-disciplined group of people will not gather like a pack of wolves to a place they KNOW is a sensitive crime scene. White, black, Martian...doesn't matter. To have that many LEO called to restore order borders on chaos.

CabbageGrower 01/27/13 - 07:39 pm
Know the area well...

Thomson is such a small community that the lines burr between the "good" and "bad" area of the town. The location where this happen is one of the worst parts of town. I'm not surprised by the need of so many LEO to keep the peace. However you can travel a 1/4 of a mile away and be in one of the nicer parts of town, where crime is unheard of for the most part. I wasn't there but I can say, almost without doubt, that the "crowd" was 95% black and 5% white trash.

concercitizen 01/27/13 - 10:18 pm
My wife and I drove by the

My wife and I drove by the crime scene about 6:15 and we honestly did not know what was going on. There was a mass of cars and people like Thomson has never seen before. You would have thought it was the resurrection of Martin Luther King. Cop cars were still flying by us like we were sitting still. We did not learn of the situation until later on the local news. Since Thomson only has a computer automated radio station that is unmanned on the weekends, we did not even bother to tune to a local station. I hope one of the relevision stations has video of the crowd, then everyone will see why crowd control was needed.

debbiep38 01/28/13 - 05:43 pm
250 Obama voters in one small

250 Obama voters in one small area? If only all those assault weapons lying around had their police scanners turned on, they could've walked over and changed the demographics of this crap town. Oh, nevermind.

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