Armed wheelchair-bound Vet thwarts Athens burglar

Friday, Jan. 25, 2013 8:04 AM
Last updated 7:50 PM
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ATHENS, Ga. -- A wheelchair-bound U.S. Army vet wielded a pistol to run off a man who broke into his home in Clarke County Wednesday afternoon.

Mark Sikes, 53, of Clarke County  Richard Hamm/ Morris News Service
Richard Hamm/ Morris News Service
Mark Sikes, 53, of Clarke County

Mark Sikes, 53, was in bed at his home on Luke Road shortly after 1 p.m. when someone kicked in his front door.

“When I heard that door get kicked in, I reached into my night stand and grabbed my pistol,” Sikes said in an interview Thursday.

“I pointed the gun at him and told him he better get the hell out, and he flew out like a bat,” Sikes said. “He’s lucky I didn’t kill him.”

Sikes said he didn’t notice that the burglar had a weapon, but was prepared to shoot.

“I wasn’t going to wait to see if he had one,” Sikes said. “All I know is he was in my house. Things are starting to get out of hand, and if people don’t start standing up for themselves and putting crooks in the ground, the law is just going to slap them on the wrist and let them go.”

Athens-Clarke police said they identified a possible suspect from evidence he dropped at the scene.

“I heard he was 19 years old, and that young man is playing a stupid game in which he could lose his life,” Sikes said.

Sikes grew up with guns. His father taught him to shoot and took him hunting as a boy, he said.

The man said he also saw combat in the military, but didn’t want to talk about it.

“I’m having a hard enough time dealing with what’s been going on” since the burglary, he said. “Now it’s going to cost me a bunch of money that I really don’t have to get that door fixed.”

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seenitB4 01/25/13 - 09:38 am
Really it is out of hand

Things are starting to get out of hand, and if people don’t start standing up for themselves and putting crooks in the ground, the law is just going to slap them on the wrist and let them go.”
Yeh you are right about that.

Jane18 01/25/13 - 11:03 am
A non-Violent Criminal? I Don't Think So!

If caught and prosecuted, I guess the bad guy will get "a lightened sentence"
because of some of the Georgia laws being changed. I'd say anyone that kicks a door in, is on the path of being violent. Hey Mark, if the law gets the bad guy, sue him for the cost of a new door and having someone to put it in............

TK3 01/25/13 - 12:16 pm
Vets help vets

Any chip in set up for this vet's door ?
Any local vet handy to help replace door?

grinder48 01/25/13 - 12:33 pm
Shoulda' Shot Him

Shoulda' Shot Him, period.

linux 01/25/13 - 12:57 pm
The need to be able to defend yourself

So this is is victory for gun rights groups, as it should be. A situation where the mere presence of a weapon has thwarted criminal actual is one of the things that the NRA talks about all the time. The press mostly ignores this aspect of the gun debate.

If an citizen cannot defend himself in his own home, we are lost. Mark cannot effectively wield a baseball bat. This gun could have saved his life or at least saved him from a savage beating.

In Canada you cannot own a handgun even for home protection (unless you're one of the very few individuals who can get a permit). If you own a rifle, it must be registered and you cannot have it loaded in your home.

It could happen here, and a lot of powerful people in congress want it that way.

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