Superior Court jury to hear Grovetown BB gun case

Mckenzie Ussery, 19, was fined $291 for shooting a BB gun at a cup propped up in a tree.

The case of a Grovetown man cited for firing a BB gun in the backyard of his home last month will be heard by a Superior Court jury.

McKenzie Ussery, 19, pleaded not guilty Tuesday in Grovetown Municipal Court to the charge of discharging a firearm within the city and requested a jury trial.

Judge Travers Chance agreed to transfer the case to the Columbia County Superior Court, where it can be heard by a jury.

“This is going to be fun one for the jury,” Ussery’s attorney, David Price, said.

Ussery was given the $291 ticket Dec. 19 after a Columbia Cou­nty Alternative School teacher reported seeing him firing the gun in the yard, which backs up to the school.

Grovetown Department of Pub­lic Safety officers confiscated the gun, which Ussery said he was firing at a cup in the yard.

The BB gun, powered by compressed air, is classified as a firearm. According to a city ordinance, spring-loaded, black powder or compressed air guns are considered firearms. Ussery and his attorney contend the gun is a toy and not subject to the ordinance restrictions.

Grovetown man to fight $291 ticket for shooting BB gun


Thu, 12/08/2016 - 18:10

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