Woman says man posing as Georgia Power rep robbed her

Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2013 11:26 AM
Last updated 7:46 PM
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Police said a 92-year-old woman might have been robbed by a man posing as a Georgia Power representative.

According to an incident report, a man claiming to work for Georgia Power drove up to her Maxwell Street home in a red work truck with a yellow stripe and amber lights about 10:30 a.m. Tuesday and told her he needed to check her outlets and possibly install a new meter after a transformer blew in the area.

The man, who was wearing a florescent safety jacket, then came into her home and asked to see her identification. After the woman got her purse and showed her identification, the man told her to follow him outside so he could show her the meter he was replacing.

The woman told police the man showed her a meter and then walked quickly back into her home and left through a back door. The woman, who uses a walker, was left outside.

Later she realized her purse was missing.

Georgia Power told deputies there was not a contract worker in the area at the time of the theft.

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Darby 01/16/13 - 12:41 pm
There was a time...

when the approved method for dealing with scum like this was to strip the offender naked, apply a good coating of hot tar followed by a liberal layer of chicken feathers.

Then the sleazebag was given a free ride to the city or county line, dropped off and dared to come back.

Ahhh, how I long for the good ole days....

belle 01/16/13 - 12:56 pm
vehicle id

should be pretty easy to find a red truck with a yellow stripe and flashing lights.

MarinerMan 01/16/13 - 01:34 pm
Our Mom

I'm sure several of us would love to have a "conversation" with this piece of scum. That could easily have been one of our Moms. Find him.

YeCats 01/16/13 - 04:00 pm
Adjectives ain't enough for

Adjectives ain't enough for this scumbag.

While in Kentucky, visiting a elderly couple, they told us that some "roofers" knocked on their door, and gained entrance. Once inside, while one of the cowards told them all about how they needed new singles, and what it would cost, the other two jackals creeped around behind them, and made there way to their bedroom. Wallet and purse weren't the only things they went through, while the sorry roof salesman continued his snowjob.

The elderly couple knew they were in a bad position and were terrified. After the men left, and they went to their bedroom, and discovered a lifetime of heirlooms gone.

Home invasion without a gun. These vultures need to get fried.

seenitB4 01/16/13 - 02:26 pm
Downtown Atlanta

Few years back my hubbys elderly aunt was visited by a couple (man/woman) just wishing her the Lords blessing & goodness...they more or less pushed through her door & into her house......said they had to spray her house with healing oil from the Lord...after they left she noticed the $$$ from her social security check was gone....it is safer for oldies to just not open the door & keep a gun for intruders like these..

grinder48 01/16/13 - 03:56 pm

See, she shoulda' had an assault rifle and a 30 round magazine and opened fire!

Darby 01/16/13 - 05:57 pm
I like people as much as....

the next guy, but at least ten years ago, I disconnected and removed my doorbell. It didn't start out that way. I was replacing the brick molding with PVC and leaving off the doorbell button just seemed like a good idea.

Folks who walk up to my door can knock but I don't bother to answer. People who know us have cell phones and can let us know they are there.

Hell, it's bad enough to have to put up with the folks who try to "sell" you when you are working in the front yard. There are more than I need of those folks.

I respect those who really need to supplement their income, or the kids who sell candy in order to pay for a trip to DC or band camp. Sometimes I even buy a box or two. Still, there are just far too many and there is no way to be sure when it's a scam.

Enough said...

CobaltGeorge 01/16/13 - 10:25 pm
Why Is It

I never have the opportunity to meet those nice working citizens!!!!

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