SC son charged in death of mom, 104

Thursday, Dec. 20, 2012 9:47 AM
Last updated 6:51 PM
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SPARTANBURG, S.C. — Charges have been upgraded against the son of a 104-year-old Spartanburg woman authorities said died from neglect.

The Herald-Journal of Spartanburg reported Thursday that George Leventis has now been charged with abuse or neglect of a vulnerable adult resulting in death.

Leventis was charged Dec. 4 with neglecting his mother after a home health nurse found Demetra Leventis lying in her own feces. She had fist-sized bed sores filled with maggots.

The mother was hospitalized for an infection, but the coroner said last week she died and conducted an autopsy.

It wasn’t known if George Leventis had an attorney or when he would have a bond hearing.

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Tots 12/20/12 - 11:25 am

is how that makes me feel....May his mom rest in peace now..May the strong arm of the law break this man...If the courts of law don't do it,may his jailmates enact that punishment...

pommom38 12/20/12 - 11:59 am
Sick is right!!

I can not even begin to fathom wth is wrong with these people!! How could you do that to anyone, much less your own mother????
Ditto Tots, may she rest in peace and he pay the ultimate price for this.

giwi 12/20/12 - 02:04 pm
Don't be surprised!

Hopefully justice will be served better in SC than GA! My husband was shot in cold blood and the murderer is living in Columbia, SC with his son. Neighbors beware! The murderer has not even been indicted yet. He couldn't take prison life. The victims are the ones that suffer!!!!!!!!!!!!

rmwhitley 12/20/12 - 03:09 pm
America has become so lax.

A defenseless woman murdered, 104 years old, and her son will walk. The left says it's "inhumane" to put murderers, child rapists and serial killers too death. "They" say it is not a deterrent. The death penalty doesn't work if you don't use it. I feel for people "wrongly" convicted but they make up less than 2% of the actual perpetrators. Wild animals thrive on weakness. democrats have made the normal citizen "the prey".

OpenCurtain 12/20/12 - 04:21 pm
She was 104

It is sad and horrendous anytime a love one is put through this deliberately by a sibling.

QUOTING : "... home health nurse found --- (HER) --- lying in her own feces. She had fist-sized bed sores filled with maggots."

Pressure ulcers can be very difficult to prevent in frail extreme elderly patients and can happen quickly, even overnight. But Stage 3+ ulcers take longer to develop, only then can flies lay eggs and maggots develop. Then maggot lave takes 1 or more days to show up. So we have a time frame of 3 to 7 days to meet the criteria given in the above story.

Some questions that should be asked and answered.
1st let us ascertain the age of the Care giver. He had to of been in his late 70's or 80's correct? What was his health? Is he playing with a full deck? Was he able to be a caregiver, or was he overwhelmed and doing the best he could?

Laying in feces makes a great emotional read, but let us be fair and ask a pointed question. Was it multiple days of dried caked on. Or just recently fresh overflowing adult diaper that needed changing?

Was Adult Protective services contacted and if so by who?

Did the well known $$$Hundreds of Billion$$$ in Medicare cuts used to fund Obama-Care, interfere with her care or admission to a nursing facility?

Some More Questions

So how often did the nurse visit?
Once a week?
Once a every 2 weeks?
Once a month?

No I am not taking up for the guy... but there a lot of questions that need answering?

It is too easy to paint a horrible picture of a Evil Son, but would all the facts and additional questions and answers support it?

However, with that said, if it is ruled a clear case of deliberate long term neglect, I cannot find any words that can be written here to describe my hostility.

nothin2show4it 12/20/12 - 07:44 pm
Don't jump too fast.

There are a lot of facts missing. How old is the son? Was he capable or taking care of her?

I mean what if the guy is 80 with arthritis and dementia? Those bed sore don't get that big in one week. What about the visiting nurse?

kc fan
kc fan 12/21/12 - 11:10 am
Good questions

Some times the media rushes so much to get a story out, they fail to get the facts. Paul Harvey's saying, " an now for the rest of the story", should follow with the questions that OC stated in his post. The original story sounds bleak, but let's get all the fact before we condemn him.

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