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Three men sought in two robberies

Friday, Dec. 14, 2012 8:56 PM
Last updated 10:12 PM
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Police were looking for three men involved in separate armed robberies Friday night.

Just before 7 p.m., police were called to Econo Auto Painting at 2607 Deans Bridge Road, where they were told two men had held up the business at gunpoint, authorities said.

The men were described as black and about 5 feet 6 inches tall. One was wearing a gray sweatshirt and a red bandana and had a black handgun.

Police said they were last seen running toward Milledgeville Road.

About 30 minutes later, deputies were called to the SunTrust Bank at 2625 Peach Orchard Road, where they were told a black man, 5 feet 8 inches tall, wearing all black, robbed one person at gunpoint, authorities said.

The gunman was last seen running east on Harold Road.

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dichotomy 12/14/12 - 10:44 pm
You cannot go out in South

You cannot go out in South Augusta and be or night. Body shop, Waffle House, ATM, or your home. Just notice where the crime stories are lately. The Section 8 strategy has worked. Redevelopment is a PC term that really means the relocation of the problem population.......and cogratulations South Augusta......they're here. But just keep sending those tax dollars downtown. We will get downtown cleaned up if it kills us.......and it already has killed some of us.....along with our businesses and neighborhoods. But hey, Laney Walker and Reynolds St is looking good. Wonder if our Mayor and Countyman have a plan for cleaning up the mess they've made out here. I 'spect not. Oh, and I ain't talking about the 15th St to Regency Mall corridor. That ain't a plan and it ain't South Augusta. The "corridor" is just going mean more relocatables coming out this way. Deans Bridge and Peach Orchard south to have become the NEW criminal colony. We are doomed South Augusta/South Richmond County. They are using your own tax dollars to kill your end of the county. Oh, and don't forget to save up for your RAIN TAX. We may need those ditches to throw the bodies in.

OpenCurtain 12/15/12 - 08:23 am
Tis the Season

To be robbing.

They are needing to buy those last minute gifts.

seenitB4 12/15/12 - 09:40 am
Some wonder

Some wonder why people leave south Augusta....duhhhh

Roundtree...I hope you can make a difference...

Tots 12/15/12 - 09:45 am

Could be a positive thing to people who truly need it- as a stepping stone to moving up and out of government assistance...It's ran by fools and crooks now...It is the death of many neighborhoods....The people running the programs should go to the neighborhoods see what's really going on..
I've got two new families that just moved in within a few months,loud cussing in the yard with each other ,loud music till late at night,coming and going at all hours..You can't really tell who lives there yet ,because of all the new people coming and going.....Not good for an old neighborhood trying to stay alive..Not good for an older person just trying to live in PEACE.....

soapy_725 12/15/12 - 10:37 am
There will be no peace.....

until The Prince of Peace returns and sets all things right. Gods' "right". Not PC right. Righteousness exalteth a nation, but SIN is a reproach to any people.

America not only removed the Biblical Laws that governed civilized humans, but it replaced them with the Seven Deadly Sins. Trivialized God's Word and glorified the attributes of Satan.

countyman 12/15/12 - 03:34 pm
I love how certain people

I love how certain people consider this to be the only actual 'news'.... This is coming from the Augusta Chronicle who doesn't print tribunals outside of Richmond County, or the crime maps on the surrounding counties..

Dichotomy... I try to listen to your points, but sometimes it's clearly misguided. When did Regency Mall or the Deans Bridge rd/Gordon Hwy intersection not become South Augusta?

The money going towards Laney Walker is coming from the hotel tax. Since the most expensive hotels are located in the CBD, and the rest of them in West Augusta. I hope we can both agree the money is definitely not coming from visitors staying at hotels in South Augusta.

Only in Augusta, would an entire place with over 100k be considered unsafe. I guess the corporate at Five Guys, Starbucks, and Rockwood didn't get the memo.

leebraxjr 12/15/12 - 07:14 pm
South Augusta

I agree with everyone that South Augusta is out of hand with crime. I go over to South Side and other areas just to talk with people who live in these neighborhoods. There are many people who have lived there their entire lives and poor or wealthy (which there are those), the people refuse to run.
The biggest crime going on at this point in these neighborhoods that are scaring illegal users and others is MURDER. The area has become in some since a story out of the wild west, and a SHAME in all the rest.
I would like to know one question. Whatever you are doing to make money and you cannot call the police, do you not think you are in the wrong profession if you have to use a gun? I hope not to hear anything else about police shootings or ligetimate businesses, home owners who work hard for what they have protecting themselves.
At least they have a right, and they only shoot to protect, who sell to kill and shoot to kill, thats capital murder in my opinion.

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