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Lakeside Middle boy granted bond in sexual battery case

Friday, Sept. 21, 2012 12:06 PM
Last updated 7:00 PM
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A Lakeside Middle School pupil accused of sexually assaulting classmates was granted bond at a detention hearing Friday.

The 13-year-old boy was charged with five counts of sexual battery Tuesday.

Juvenile Court Judge Douglas Flanagan granted the boy a $20,000 bond and required that he undergo a psychological evaluation, wear an ankle monitor and stay with his father in Louisiana or his grandmother in Hephzibah. The boy also can have no contact with the alleged victims.

“This is not a game,” Flanagan said. “That’s not acceptable behavior to be touching people sexually. It’s against the law.”

The boy, who has been held in the Regional Youth Detention Center since he was charged, also was suspended from school pending a school system tribunal hearing.

The resource officer for the school in Martinez called deputies Sept. 13 after female students complained that the boy made “uninvited contact with their intimate body parts,” according to a sheriff’s office report.

One of the victims said “she had been slapped on the rear end several times,” sheriff’s Investigator Brian Jones testified at the hearing. “All of the (victims’ statements) were similar in that they were either touched on the rear end or on the breast.”

Jones also said the victims said the boy made inappropriate sexual comments.

One of the victims made a similar claim in April. The boy was charged with sexual battery, but the charge was reduced to simple battery. The case was handled out of court after the victim’s mother said she believed the boy was simply acting immaturely.

The boy told Jones that he didn’t touch anybody on purpose. He said that in one incident another pupil threw his hand onto a girl’s buttocks. In another, he said, another girl touched a girl’s buttocks and blamed it on him.

Two of the girls involved also will face a disciplinary hearing because witnesses saw them touch the boy inappropriately, Nagle said.

The boy’s attorney, Travers Chance, insinuated that the victims are all friends, don’t like the boy and are trying to get him into trouble.

“They don’t like him because he’s smarter than they are,” Jones said the boy told him. “He does his work and makes better grades than they do.”

The boy also said the girls assaulted and inappropriately touched him and that when he tells teachers they always believe the girls.

“They are working together trying to get (the boy) in trouble,” Chance said.

Lakeside Middle Assistant Principal Brian Bowles testified that the boy is a good student and has only been in trouble once before for being part of a group of pupils that hit another classmate in the locker room.

The boy could face up to five years in confinement for the sexual battery charge, which is a felony.

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oldpanther06 09/25/12 - 07:07 am
Try to act as high and mighty

Try to act as high and mighty as you want like I've seen a lot of people on the other article about this, but every single one of you involved with the decision to send this boy away should be ashamed of yourselves. Sexual battery? What 13 year old for goodness sakes is trying to sexually assault someone? Because if this were a legit concern about a student harming another student in a sexual manner, then it wouldn't be happening in the hallways in front of people. This kid has barely begun to go through puberty and you're about to ruin his life because he did something that I can promise you Nagle and maybe Judge Flanagan did when he was 12 or 13 and probably just didn't get caught. I know I did and I know plenty of other people who did when I was in middle school, not exactly that because I don't know I wasn't there, and neither were any of you and there's a lot more to this story than anyone knows. But we've all acted immature and who knows maybe a lot of kids were playing along with it, it doesn't matter because those kids would just lie to stay out of it anyways. There are a lot of assumptions about the circumstances which are all opinionated, full of bias and may not even be true who knows I know I lied a lot when I was in middle school. A middle school student does not need to be nearly institutionalized as far as therapy, an ankle bracelet, ydc..etc. You're doing more harm than good and ruining a child's life who could have maybe been something and made a difference. Don't tell me what you think he was like because people grow up he's in 3 years older than 10. And he was being immature and probably was not even thinking about the consequences behind something like that.I've seen way worse stuff than that go on and i just graduated from high school about 10 years ago, at Lakeside mind you. Maybe he was being completely out of line, then take the kid and suspend him or make him leave the school, but filing police charges? I saw someone start talking about this generation basically being out of control and how it would have never happened back in the day. Well ignorance is bliss I guess and you need to wake up because there's a thing called society and it changes, and life changed into a world that was catered to the younger population. Age is a process full of experience, one thing this boy did not have, and his opportunity to grow up was taken from him under stricter circumstances than you or I lived in at the time. I just think some people tend to forget that it doesn't matter if you live in West Lake, everyone still smells that water treatment plant across the street if you catch my drift. Guess what it did happen back then, you just didn't hear about it because there was the Internet,100 news channels, instant radio access or cell phones for that matter.Y'all all think about the absolute worst thing you've ever done and then magnify that in the media perspective, now try being 13. Hard to imagine huh? This kid is not a criminal, he's an immature boy who will regret this for the rest of his life. Maybe you need to start focusing more of your attention and law enforcement on the crime that is occurring in Augusta while you fill your quotas with middle school boys fake-humping people. Get real...

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