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1 plea, 1 trial in 2 shaken-baby cases

Monday, Aug 13, 2012 11:46 AM
Last updated Tuesday, Aug 14, 2012 12:09 AM
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One shaken-baby trial ended with a guilty plea Monday, and attorneys were to deliver opening statements in another today.

Jacques Butler pleaded guilty Monday to felony murder in connection with the Jan. 28, 2011, death of
his daughter, 2-month-old Zion Harris.

Investigators said she died of severe brain trauma after Butler shook her.

Superior Court Judge Michael Annis sentenced Butler to life in prison.

Corduray Scott, who is charged with fatally shaking his 3-month-old son, Corduray Jr., in January 2010, is standing trial today.

An indictment says Scott squeezed the baby and repeatedly jumped up and down to make him stop crying.

That led to a brain hemorrhage that killed him on Jan. 21, according to the indictment.

He is charged with felony and malice murder and four counts of cruelty to children.

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corgimom 08/13/12 - 12:24 pm
Corduray Scott AC,

Corduray Scott

AC, 2/5/2010-In interviews with deputies, Scott said he had pushed the baby - which was in a small child's swing - so hard that the swing broke and the baby was left hanging upside down. Scott said he left his son that way for about 10 minutes and left the room. When he returned, his son continued to cry so he began jumping violently into the air to get him to stop. The baby then began to make a low, humming sound. In the morning, the baby's grandmother checked and found him unresponsive and shaking so she called 911.

Speaking to the judge, Brooks listed a series of incidents that Scott told investigators had happened prior to his son's death. These included leaving the baby on the floor for 15 minutes after he fell from the bed onto his face, squeezing him so hard that his ribs broke and leaving him face down in couch cushions until he turned blue.

When the baby was brought to the hospital, authorities found bruises on its chest and arms. It also had several broken ribs and brain hemorrhaging.

From the same article-
He had the air cut off to his brain so many times, his brain was deformed.


How that poor baby suffered. 1st degree murder, and I wish they'd seek the death penalty for him.

JeremyMichael 08/13/12 - 02:07 pm
Shaken baby?

Even if I read the previous comment, I'm missing the part about Scott that makes this a "shaken baby" case. This sounds like severe abuse on multiple occasions. "Shaken Baby Syndrome" leaves no sign of physical abuse, which is the number one reason that it is currently being discounted as an actual cause of death/abuse in many of these cases. If the baby is covered with bruises, fractured bones, etc., that's not a shaken baby, it's a severely abused child. I'm not sure why anyone would be calling this anything other than what it is: severe child abuse of an infant.

GaStang22 08/14/12 - 03:00 am
What monsters!!

I had to remove my comment before I am banned. This makes me so sick.

CABoatright 08/14/12 - 07:13 am

Save the state a lot of money, shoot on sight.

urright 08/14/12 - 09:02 am

There are signs in SBS, including rib fractures and bruising, "bucket handle" fractures above the knees from the child's legs jarring back and forth during the incident, and petechial bleeding in the eyes, to name a few. He's been charged with murder--that is the correct charge. The 4 counts of cruelty are the "child abuse" charges--one for each of the incidents before the death.
My question is where was mom?

JeremyMichael 08/14/12 - 01:15 pm
You don't shake a fracture.

You don't shake a fracture. This was abuse, plain and simple. The "shaking" was inconsequential. If I shoot someone in the head, then punch them in the face, would we be calling it a beating? Similarly, in this case, the alleged shaking had little or nothing to do with the baby's injuries.

Squeezing an infant is known to produce the same symptoms as SBS (retinal and subdural hemorrhage), as well as rib fractures, and it is likely that the poor infants injuries were largely due to that event alone. If there were metaphyseal lesions of the long bones, those may or may not have been produced by violent shaking, but there was certainly enough description of the other abuse to account for those.

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