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Store clerk fails underage alcohol check

Friday, Aug 10, 2012 9:15 AM
Last updated 7:38 PM
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Only one store failed to properly check the ID of an underage alcohol buyer Thursday during the latest series of compliance checks at Columbia County stores.

A clerk at the Sprint store at 424 S. Belair Road in Martinez was cited after selling alcohol to an underage customer, an undercover sheriff’s deputy younger than 21, according to a news release from the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office.

The citation is for a county ordinance violation and will be adjudicated in Magistrate’s Court.

Nine other stores in the sweep asked the customer for identification and turned him away when it was determined he was underage.

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itsanotherday1 08/10/12 - 09:28 am
I'm 58, very obviously over

I'm 58, very obviously over 21, and it aggravates the mortal stew out of me to present my I.D.; but I understand why management has it as a policy. AND, I do NOT express my aggravation to the person asking, they are just doing their jobs.

shrimp for breakfast
shrimp for breakfast 08/10/12 - 10:52 am
I'm with you itsanotherday

At 53 I look young for my age. Maybe even 20 years younger which would make me 33. I don't drink but I stopped off to get some liquor that my wife's recipe called for. Behind the counter was a 20 something young lady who pacaged up my bottle and after ringing it up asked me for my ID.
Surprised but smiling I reached into my back pocket to retrieve my wallet. I was surprised to find an empty pocket.
I don't seem to have my wallet with me I said. It might be in the car.
She said she would wait while I went to check. I looked but I knew it was fruitless. I must have left it home. As I rummaged through my vehicle looking for something with my age on it I noticed a friend drive up. Rescued I thought.
I told my Buddy my predicament and after the laughter he said he'd buy it for me.
We entedred the store and he picked up a bottle of wine and we walked to the cash register. He told the clerk he would be paying for mine and his to which she replied "I can't let you do that sir."
When he asked why not she told him that I could not produce an ID to verify my age and for him to buy mine could be contributing to the delinqincy of a minor. (me)
We both laughed but she stood there stone faced.
I asked her if we could talk about this...over dinner?
She turned me down. When I asked why she shot me down her reply was "You're to old for me."
"How old are you?" I asked.
She said she was 24.
"If I'm too old for you then I must be older that 24 right?"
"So if I'm over 24 then it's legal for me to buy a bottle of liquor right?
"I need you to prove to me you're 21 years old or older."
"Well it appears I am unable to do that," I said.
In one motiom she grabbed my purchase and stuck it under the counter.
Then it hit me! My license was in the trunk in a paper bag along with all my other important papers. I had gone fishing the day before and had placed them there for safe keeping while I was out on the water.
"I'll be right back," I said.
Three minutes later she was eyeballing my license like it was the first one she'd ever seen then quietly handed it back to me. Then and only then did she take my money and hand me my merchandise.
As I was leaving I turned back and asked her why she had held up an old man who was clearly of age.
"It's the Law!" she replied.
"Yes I suppose it is," I smiled and disappeared.

Sweet son
Sweet son 08/10/12 - 12:24 pm
@ Staff Reporters

Print the other nine so we can see who did a good job!! You have chosen to print the Sprint store name so print the others.

happychimer 08/10/12 - 09:28 pm
It is not the law to ID. It

It is not the law to ID. It is the law not to sell to anyone under 21. Companies have their own ID rules. Some ID everyone. When I worked in a grocery store, I had to ID anyone who appeared to be under 40.If someone gave me a problem,even if they were over 40, I would ID them everytime. Also the person buying the beer or wine had to show ID. They couldn't say a friend would pay for it. The person paying had to show ID.

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