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Manuel's Bread Cafe robbed

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North Augusta Public Safety officers are searching for two armed men who robbed Manuel’s Bread Cafe in Hammonds Ferry on Friday night, authorities said.

A few people were closing up when two men entered flashing guns a little after 11 p.m.

Authorities said one man forced an employee to get on the ground and another to open the register.

Both men were wearing bandanas over their faces.

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floridasun 07/21/12 - 11:04 pm
An armed robbery in Hammonds

An armed robbery in Hammonds Ferry?
The sky must be falling

GaStang22 07/22/12 - 12:57 am
Such a shame

A Better headline would have been 2 cowards shot trying to rob bread store.

nocnoc 07/22/12 - 06:40 am
Hostages may still being held, more NEWS at 11

Is it safe to talk?
There has been no report of them leaving, are they still there?
Cough receiver twice if they are.

(sorry could not resist ) Early Staff Reports can be fun if you read them like Science Fiction Mystery Theater 3000.

texsmoke 07/22/12 - 08:28 am
sad part

The sad part is they barely got anything except terrifying a kitchen and wait staff, threating to kill them and looking like idiots as they ran and dropped half their "loot" Really a restaurant in that area. How many people do you think are paying with credit cards. Learn from the other scum criminals. If you are going to rob somewhere that has cash and isn't a bank you are better off hitting up a waffle house or a dollar tree.

crimsondave 07/23/12 - 07:29 am
Have to love Augusta

I don't know for a fact where the thugs came from, but I have a pretty good idea. My wife and I like to go down to Hammond's Ferry to walk on the greenway. The place is very nice, and we though one day we might like to buy a house there. Well after seeing a bum push his shopping cart across the bridge and then all the way down the greenway straight through Hammond's Ferry, we changed our mind. Keep in mind, Hammond's Ferry is just across the bridge from where those people were shot on Broad St. on first Friday. Why Augusta refuses to clean that garbage up across the bridge is beyond me. Downtown is on the river and could be SO nice, but they have let a bunch of hoods take over. Do those morons really think a curfew is going to solve the problem after those people were gunned down on Broad St.? It is safer in downtown Atlanta than it is in Augusta, and I'm not exaggerating. I've walked around Centennial Park, and I can promise you less bums will accost you for money there than on Broad St. If they can clean it up, so can Augusta. It just takes the nerve and billy clubs.

Willow Bailey
Willow Bailey 07/23/12 - 12:14 pm
A club in one hand, a lawsuit in the other

I agree about what a loss it is to not be able to enjoy life around the DT area. I hate to hear about this robbery. I've spent many hours lunching and biking with my daughter, nieces and friends at Hammond's Ferry. I'm still going back, but not without a pistol which may or may not do me any good.

As to the billy clubs, when those come out, unfortunately so do the lawsuits. Maybe that's the best reason Augusta needs to elect Freddie Sanders. He can hold a club in one hand and defend a lawsuit with the other.

my.voice 07/23/12 - 06:37 pm
Crime in Camelot? Say tis not

Crime in Camelot? Say tis not so!

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