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Authorities issue warning about scammer

Tuesday, June 26, 2012 3:42 PM
Last updated Thursday, July 5, 2012 5:01 PM
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Richmond County authorities are asking those in the medical district to beware of a scammer.

Authorities have issued arrest warrants for Eva Smith, a woman known for persuading people in the area to give her money in exchange for future reimbursement by a Richmond County officer.

Police said a 21-year-old woman was on 12th Street looking for a job June 19 when she was approached by a woman who identified herself as Smith.

The suspect then told the victim she had locked her keys in her car and needed money to have someone unlock it. During a conversation, the suspect gave the 21-year-old a telephone number where she could reach Officer Webb, who the suspect claimed works at the sheriff’s office.

On the phone, a man claiming to be Webb told the victim to come to the sheriff’s office Friday for a job interview. The victim told deputies she handed the woman $54 to help pay to get her car unlocked and left the area.

When the victim arrived at the sheriff’s office Friday she learned she had been the victim of a scam.

She later identified the suspect as Smith, and police said the scam matches her pattern of deception.

Smith has been arrested at least six times between June 2010 and March 2011 on theft by deception charges but has never been jailed for longer than four months for the misdemeanor crime.

She also has a history of other crimes including shoplifting and drug charges.

In all of the cases, Smith stops someone in the Walton Way and 12th Street area claiming to need money. She then calls a man referred to as Officer Webb who promises to either refund the money or provide another form or reimbursement.

Richmond County sheriff’s officials said Officer Webb does not exist.

Investigators said they see numerous cases involving the scam but few people are filing charges.

Smith was considered a suspect in similar cases in March and earlier this month.

According to an incident report, a deputy spoke with Smith after the March incident. Smith claimed she took a 20-year-old’s $13 and bought a Xanax pill with it. The victim told deputies she gave Smith the money and a ride to Forsyth Street after Smith claimed her mother had been involved in a wreck.

Charges were never filed because the victim failed to apply for a warrant, investigators said.

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tanbaby 06/26/12 - 05:15 pm
it's hard to feel sorry for

it's hard to feel sorry for people who fall for something like's a shame that you have to be doubtful of everyone who asks for help...

Sweet son
Sweet son 06/26/12 - 05:26 pm
Call the Sheriff's Dept!

Don't "lend" money to anyone who you do not know!! I also hate people who scam the elderly. I have 80s parents and would want to hurt anyone who messed with them!!!!!!!!!!!!

JRC2024 06/27/12 - 05:47 am
How could anyone be so non

How could anyone be so non informed? Money for gas but no car around, money for food but will not let you buy it, money for a bus ticket but not near the station and money to stay in a motel because some relative is in the hospital. All scams. Do not be so gullible with these people. All they want to buy are drugs and beer. Instead of calling officer Webb call the sheriffs office at 706-821-1080

stillamazed 06/27/12 - 08:34 am

Are people really that gullible? I am not giving anything to anyone who approaches me on the street, period! they all have a story to tell you about broken down cars, or sick children, anything to get you to give up your money. Take my advise and give to local charities or volunteer your time, don't get suckered in by lying people running scams.

allhans 06/27/12 - 09:30 am
Could someone tell me why

Could someone tell me why this woman was out on the streets and not in jail?

raul 06/27/12 - 09:34 am
Seems like she would get a

Seems like she would get a new "schtick" (no, it's not mispelled. It's yiddish for "gimmick") Heh.

toomuch 06/27/12 - 12:20 pm
Truly in need...

Those who are truly in need will accept help any way they can get it. When someone comes up to our church claiming to need help with food, gas, or lodging, most of the time we go buy the food, follow them to the gas station, or deal directly with the manager of the place they are staying.

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