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Billboards produce no leads on unsolved case

Thursday, June 21, 2012 2:49 PM
Last updated 10:08 PM
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A new approach by the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office for gathering leads on unsolved police cases has generated none.

On June 12, three electronic billboards began displaying reward information and photos related to the county’s only unsolved homicide of the year.

Kyle Royal, 16, was shot Jan. 16 during a gunfight outside Magic City, a nightclub operating illegally at 3200 Mike Padgett Highway.

Lt. Blaise Dresser said the sheriff’s office hoped the new technology would be another way to gather leads, but more than a week later, investigators have not received any tips from the public.

Immediately after the shooting, the sheriff’s office offered a reward for information.

Investigators said there were many people shooting after a fight started on the dance floor and spilled into the parking lot. Investigators estimate there were about 200 people at the club.

Investigators found more than 30 shells from .32-caliber, .380-caliber, .40-caliber, .45-caliber and 9 mm weapons in the parking lot and highway, but the person who pulled the trigger on the Hi-Point .45 carbine fired the fatal shot.

An investigation revealed that Royal was a backseat passenger in a car leaving the club when the
bullet struck him in the head. The car crashed at the Lumpkin Road intersection after the driver lost control.

An image of Royal, the weapon and the $5,000 reward are displayed on the billboards, which will remain up for a month.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office at (706) 821-1020.

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crackertroy 06/21/12 - 06:22 pm
These guys are a joke

The Richmond County Sherrif's Office couldn't solve a crime if their lives depended on it. 200+ people at the club and they can't get a witness. Unbelievable.

"Let's put up this billboard and go get some donuts" is probably the extent of their investigation.

These guys need to watch A&E's "The First 48" and learn how to get some answers. If anyone has been a victim of a crime in Richmond County, you know what I'm talking about.

eb97 06/21/12 - 08:19 pm
We have notified the police

We have notified the police about drug drops being made in our neighborhood with the times of night they are being made. Their response was,"Call us the next time it happens again." How will that help because they are in and out with the drug drop that they could be all the way to Burk County by the time the police could get here after the call is made. And, nothing changes. Drug drops continue and community dies.

nocnoc 09/02/12 - 09:44 am
bdouglas 06/22/12 - 08:43 am
@nocnoc You said: "This is

@nocnoc You said: "This is why black on black crime is so abundant and hard to solve. No one in the hood talks to the Law."

I'm not here to bash the RCSO, as I know it's a job that's tough to do with all the cuts in funding and manpower. But your comment actually supports some of the talk you're trying to rebut. Soapy's comment on getting "... involved with the community. The community knows the criminals ..." is what I'm talking about. No one "in the hood" talks to the law because they don't trust the law. The law to them means a bunch of stuffy people in uniform driving around in their comfortable air conditioned cars waiting to pounce on them for doing something wrong, not someone they feel they can confide in. If they are in a dangerous area and have no reason to believe the police "have their back" if they give up information, they aren't going to tell the police anything. Getting into these communities and developing trust and relationships with people is at least the beginning of an answer to these issues. It may not solve the issue, but it is certainly a step in the right direction.

x 06/22/12 - 02:44 pm
Maybe if we actually executed

Maybe if we actually executed murderers within 20 years of conviction, this stuff wouldn't happen so much. Jail is not a punishment, it's Gang Training.

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