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Scott Dean denied new child molestation trial

Former Columbia County Commissioner Scott Dean shakes the hand of his attorney, Pete Theodocion, after Judge James Blanchard denied Dean's request for a new trial.
Friday, June 15, 2012 1:32 PM
Last updated Saturday, June 16, 2012 2:09 AM
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A Superior Court judge denied former Columbia County Commis­sion­er Scott Dean a new child molestation trial Friday.

Scott Dean  SPECIAL
Scott Dean

Dean, who was convicted in Decem­ber of molesting his adopted teen daughter, filed a motion for a new trial in February.

After hearing arguments from Dean’s attorney, Pete Theodocion, Judge James G. Blanchard Jr. denied the request.

“Let the appellate process begin,” Blanchard said after announcing his decision at the Evans courthouse.

The jury found Dean guilty of exposing himself to and inappropriately touching his teen daughter, one of five children he and his wife adopted from Guatemala in 2008. The girl claimed Dean entered her room at night and touched her. He denied the charges.

Theodocion argued that the allegations were made up. He said testimony should have been allowed in Dean’s trial that showed his daughter lied in a similar situation in Guatemala, where she suffered abuse from her parents.

Dean’s oldest daughter, Marlin, testified at the hearing that her sister lied by telling a Guatemalan judge that her biological father murdered her brother. Marlin said the false testimony was an attempt by her sister to get her and her family into an orphanage.

At the trial, Theodocion alleged the girl gave false testimony against Dean. Marlin testified then that her sister desperately wanted out of her Harlem home because she didn’t get along with Dean’s wife.

“She had done this in the past,” Theodocion said. “She was going to use that same tool again.”

Assistant District Attorney Madon­na Little said at the hearing that testimony accusing the girl of lying in a Guatemalan courtroom wasn’t allowed because the testimony didn’t involve a sex crime. The law, Little said, lets attorneys present testimony of false accusations only when the victim lied about sexual misconduct.

Also at trial, prosecutors introduced testimony that Dean at age 14 molested two 12-year-old girls. Theodocion argued that the testimony was inappropriate because the incidents didn’t involve an adult and child.

Theodocion said the incidents, which happened at a group sleepover in 1984, were too old to show Dean’s state of mind. He noted that the incidents were never documented with authorities.

“They are too remote to be pertinent,” he said. “It’s just hard to defend yourself against those kind of

Theodocion alleged that statements from the prosecutor and testimony from the victims of those 1984 incidents prejudiced the jury against Dean.

The jury convicted Dean on two counts of child molestation. In February, Blanchard sentenced him to 20 years in prison and 20 years on probation. Based on guidelines from the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles, Dean won’t be eligible for parole for 18 years.

Theodocion has 30 days to file an appeal of Dean’s verdict with the Georgia Court of Appeals.

Dean served on the Har­lem City Council and more than five years as mayor before winning a seat on the commission in July 2008.

He won the July 2010 Re­pub­li­can primary in the District 4 commission race despite being accused weeks earlier of exchanging inappropriate text messages with a married county employee.

He resigned from the commission in February 2011 when he was indicted on the child molestation charges.

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Riverman1 06/16/12 - 03:03 pm
Sarah Harper Scott, as I

Sarah Harper Scott, as I said, I've always treated you courteously, even in private email. I've been open and honest with you. I didn't complain about your posts or any other's. I did say, here, in the comments that racial slurs were thrown out about the daughter. Those posts were removed including mine bringing the matter up.

realitycheck09 06/16/12 - 05:17 pm

Let me first say that I have no idea if he really committed the crimes or not. I do know he was convicted for it.

What I find just fantastically hilarious is that the usual pitchfork and torch mob on the message boards here seems really concerned about the verdict in this case. Seems people think this man may be innocent.

It's just so so so funny. I've said it before: the same folks who think this man may be not guilty would be saying "bury him under the jail!" if the defendant were named Tyrone Jackson. Funny how that works out. Perhaps lady justice ain't so blind after all?

Lakeside95 06/16/12 - 05:32 pm
Riverman in all honesty i

Riverman in all honesty i truly wasn't complaining about you. Someone complained about my posts- probably due to the fact it is is less fun to talk about someone who has defenders.
Scott had an inappropriate relationship with a soldiers wif. Big deal really...she would have done that and far more with anyone who was physically present at the time!
But in reality it should matter what color his hair is, what clothes he wears or what he does in his marriage...what matters is that for the crime he was accused of...he is not guilty. Scott Dean would never hurt a child. He is innocent of the crimes he has been accused of.

Cynical old woman
Cynical old woman 06/16/12 - 10:26 pm

Of Dean are verbal and steadfast in their support of him. Others have a low tolerance for folks who appear to have little or no morals. As an American I have to trust in the judicial system. Certainly it's not fault free. However, I am mindful that I was not privy to the investigation and don't have all the facts.

Lakeside95 06/17/12 - 02:00 pm
I certainly hope Soldier Boy,

I certainly hope Soldier Boy, commentors here and the people that have condemned Scott Dean without real evidence are happy. While they enjoy time with their families this Father's Day, Scott is alone. His accusers from West Virgina have no care about the story they remembered from 25 years ago. His accuser here is satisfied as she is away from her mother just as most of the children are now. Dean's enemies are enjoying the downfall while those of us who are concerned about justice and truth know that this case is far from over.

KMOB9301 06/18/12 - 10:12 am
I have known the Dean family

I have known the Dean family practically my entire life. Mr. Dean was my youth minister at church. I went on Mission trips and everything with him. He was NEVER inappropriate toward any of the girls. He has always been such caring person. And I just think it is ridiculous how people can make accusations, have very little evidence to support those accusations, and then ruin his life forever! He deserves a retrial and he will get! It is not right for an innocent man to spend his life in jail! And 20 years without the possibility of parole until 18 years... that is ridiculous! There are people living in your neighborhoods and towns that have been convicted of much worse crimes and yet they are back out on the streets after just a few years in jail! If you truly think Scott Dean has done what he is accused of, then you should be ashamed of yourself. It makes me sick reading the things people say about him on here. YOU DON'T KNOW HIM AND YOU PROBABLY NEVER WILL! So put yourself in his families shoes! Think about his children! Would you like it if you were innocent and sitting in prision... no! Would you like it if someone was saying all of these awful things about you... I think not! It truly is sad that people have nothing better to do with their time than to bad mouth a man that they know nothing about! When he is released from jail... I hope you all feel terrible for the things you have posted. Because Scott Dean will have a retrial and you will all see then how terribly wrong you are.

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