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Man faces charges in 2 drive-by shootings

Tuesday, June 12, 2012 5:57 PM
Last updated 8:19 PM
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The Aiken Department of Public Safety charged a man Tuesday in connection with a fatal drive-by shooting in April, the second time he has been connected to a shooting in the last month.

Investigators arrested Brandon Keith Ingram, 21, for the murder of Rickie L. Harden, 44, who was shot to death in a drive by shooting on Abbeville Avenue in Aiken on April 16.  Special
Investigators arrested Brandon Keith Ingram, 21, for the murder of Rickie L. Harden, 44, who was shot to death in a drive by shooting on Abbeville Avenue in Aiken on April 16.

Investigators charged Brandon Keith Ingram, 21, with murder in the death of Rickie L. Harden, 44, who was shot on Abbeville Avenue in Aiken on April 16, Capt. David Turno said in an e-mail.

Ingram was already in Aiken County Jail in connection with a drive-by shooting early May 21 at Breckenridge II Apartments on East Martintown Road in North Augusta. George Drumgold, 33, of Augusta, was taken to the Medical College of Georgia Hospital with a gunshot wound to the leg.

In the April shooting, officers found Harden’s body at his home in bed with a gunshot wound to the head.

Turno said Harden’s wife woke up when she heard the shots and was not injured.

Turno said ADPS Chief Charles Barranco requested assistance from the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives, the Regional Anti-Gang Enforcement Task Force, Aiken County Sheriff’s Office, North Augusta Public Safety and Richmond County Sheriff’s Office.

“This task force, with help from the 2nd Judicial Solicitor’s Office and Public Safety investigators, worked tirelessly to develop the information needed to issue the arrest warrant for murder,” Turno said.

Ingram also is charged with possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime and two counts of attempted murder.

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Rebelbuyer 06/13/12 - 06:41 am
If you have a barrel of

If you have a barrel of pickles, or marbles, or toe nail clippers for that matter, and you remove one or two a day; you would think that there would be a reduction in the number of items in the barrel. What is it with the black male that no matter how many are removed from society (the barrel), two or three more are there to take their place.
The black community has a REAL problem with it's males and this same level of violence is seen across the country where they are present. This is the reason for racial profiling.
Why are they so angry? They have opportunities today that previous generations could only dream of. There is a real psychological disconnect with this segment of our population. I see a race of people firmly set on self destruct.

stillamazed 06/13/12 - 08:16 am
My thoughts on the matter

In my opinion the break down is having no positive father or male figures in their lives. Alot of them are raised fatherless and in the welfare system. Alot of them have mothers who could care less and they are raising themselves. When they grow up they just do what they can to try and survive and unfortunately gangs grab them up very young. Some get out of those negative influences in their lives but obviously those numbers are few and many do not get away. Groups like the NAACP are always talking about the number of blacks in prison and racial profiling but the real concern should be what is getting them to that point. To me it is really sad to see what is happening with these young men but I honestly believe alot of it goes back to the lack of positive role models in their lives. It shouldn't be used as an excuse but sometimes it is hard to pull yourself out of situations when no one has taught you any better. Many of these young men who have gotten themselves into gangs and drugs sales are living in a kill or be killed world and it is all they know. This is just another example of why the free handouts need to stop, and child support should be inforced. These mothers, and not just African American ones need to stop having baby after baby for the government to take care of. They need to work and the fathers need to work and support these babies, they should not be raised off government funds. It is not the governments responsibility to take care of them, it is the parents responsibility. We know from our own kids that if you give, give, give then they are not learning to be responsible. Our government needs to have that same train of thought when it comes to welfare. Long term welfare breeds laziness and nothing good is coming from it.

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