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Evans contractor Hugo Diaz still awaits sentencing for harboring illegal immigrants

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The Evans contractor charged with harboring illegal immigrants is still waiting for his last day in court, but almost all his employees have pleaded guilty.

Federal court records show resolutions in five out of seven cases of “unlawful entry by an alien” linked to the case of Hugo Diaz.

Diaz and his wife, Blanca Diaz, were indicted in November on charges that they harbored aliens “for the purpose of commercial advantage and private financial gain.” Both pleaded guilty in February after a majority of the charges were dropped, but a sentencing date has yet to be set for Hugo Diaz.

Blanca Diaz was given credit for time served and placed in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials for deportation to her native Mexico.

In the meantime, five immigrants have pleaded guilty and were given credit for 138 days served in prison: Arturo Dominguez-Suareste, Carlos Ortega, Rigoberto Loza-Marquez, Estaban Jarquin-Esteba and Heris Francisco-Medina. Each defendant was remanded into custody of ICE for deportation, though it was unclear Thursday what each defendant’s status was in the United States.

One defendant, Rejes Fredrico Lopez-Garcia, was scheduled for sentencing in March, but the outcome of that hearing is not listed. The case of Jesus Vazquez-Trejo remains open.

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Dixieman 04/26/12 - 08:45 pm
Adios, muchachos! Send us a

Adios, muchachos! Send us a postcard when you get back home....

raul 04/27/12 - 01:13 am
Send Hugo back too. Why waste

Send Hugo back too. Why waste our taxpayer dollars imprisoning him for a non-violent crime?

nothin2show4it 04/27/12 - 05:30 am
Read the papers and listen to

Read the papers and listen to the news, Homeland security will not send them back. The Feds are suing Arizona because they pass laws to do what the Feds should be doing.

The Feds will release them wherever they are and tell them to go home. The illegals will do this all over again somewhere else.

Riverman1 04/27/12 - 06:32 am
Does anyone believe they

Does anyone believe they won't be back somewhere in this country within two weeks after returning to Mexico? I mean what do you think the Mexican government does with illegals? They give them a backpack for the trip back across the border.

reba530 04/27/12 - 02:55 pm
The government does not care

The government does not care if you are here illegal or not. I can say that because I work with a lady that is illegal. Her green card expired right after she got her "Government" job. do you think they care enough to check her back out. I'm 100% sure when she got hired that green card had an expiration date on it and hers was very, very close to that date. Thats to much work for them to do. I sure will not be the one to snitch on her and do their job for them.However the illegals are very hard workers and not child molesters Rapist or murderers.Oh and not living on welfare and selling their foodstamps for money. And by the way Soapy I bet if your house was in need of repairs you will call on them first. Why I say, because they will get the job done fast and easy. And it will be done correct.And they will not charge you an arm and 2 legs

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