State seeks to halt $5.8 billion lien against Augusta judge

Inmate sentenced by Judge Carl Brown in 2001 took legal action

Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2012 4:06 PM
Last updated Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2012 1:15 AM
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Georgia’s attorney general has filed a motion in Richmond County to cancel a $5.8 billion lien against Superior Court Judge Carl Brown filed by an inmate he sentenced, court records show.

The lien was filed by Darryl Walker, who is serving a life sentence at Wheeler Correctional Facility for burglary, kidnapping, rape and possession of a knife during the commission of a crime. Brown was the judge who placed him in the state prison system in 2001.

The lien is the latest in unusual post-trial motions from Walker that include his copyrighting his name, then charging court employees a $250,000 infringement fee when it’s used in legal documents. Walker also wrote “No Trespassing” eight times on a piece of paper and invoiced the clerk of court $500,000 in trespassing fines.

The lien was billed against Brown on Sept. 22, 2010, for “breach of agreement, dishonor of instrument … kiddnapping (sic) fraud etc. per your default and agreement in the matter,” according to records. Walker gave Brown 30 days to remit $5.8 billion in currency or “silver at par.”

Brown was notified of an overdue payment Dec. 10, 2010, around the time Walker appointed power of attorney over himself and affixed a common-law copyright to his name. Subsequent signatures included the copyright symbol after Walker’s name.

An official Uniform Commercial Code lien was filed against Brown on Oct. 18, 2011, with Walker signing off “in the interest of justice – may our Creator guide you and others in your decision.” All of the local judges have recused themselves in the matter; Judge Lawton Stephens, of the 10th Judicial Administrative District of Georgia, has been assigned the case.

Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens said in his Jan. 6 motion to remove a “nonconforming lien” that Brown is not “indebted or obligated to the party that filed the Lien in any way.”

“Obviously, (the lien) is baseless,” Olens spokeswoman Lauren Kane said, but the petition is a necessary step to have the lien officially canceled.

Brown would not comment directly on an open legal matte, but public record gives an indication of his opinion about the constant motions from Walker. In a letter dated last Nov. 15, denying Walker’s petition for removal from the sex offender registry, Brown says Walker “has manifested his frustration with this Court by filing for non-traditional methods of relief.” That includes petitions for “outrageous sums of money.”

Brown can comprehend “no rational purpose” for the petitions other than “to abuse the privilege of filing documents and pleadings in the Office of the Superior Court Clerk of Richmond County and to harass this Judge, in his individual capacity, as well as his staff.”

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raul 02/07/12 - 06:51 pm
The State should send Mr.

The State should send Mr. Walker a bill for filing a fivolous lien.

rmwhitley 02/07/12 - 06:37 pm
Who needs an attorney?

Who needs an attorney?

cruiser93 02/08/12 - 03:11 am
"burglary, kidnapping, rape

"burglary, kidnapping, rape and possession of a knife during the commission of a crime"
Doesn't sound like Mr. Walker was applying all of that brain power BEFORE his crimes. Reminds me of some individuals that I know personally... they spend more time and energy coming up with way's to manipulate and control others than if they were to do things the right way.

JRC2024 02/08/12 - 09:44 am
There used to be a term I

There used to be a term I heard "malicious use of legal process". I think that applies here and the inmate should have additional years added such as life plus 10. I believe his brain and head are way up there.

dstewartsr 02/08/12 - 04:59 pm
It should be apparent why

It should be apparent why Brown is soooo unhappy; unlike most of our local weak-kneed wimps, this jurist broke faith with the local criminal community and actually sentenced him according to the law. Though I was not there, I can imagine Brown screaming in outrage, "Whaddya mean no probation! I want my candy bar and limo! Now!"

mike1sc 02/09/12 - 12:57 pm
The Federal System was

The Federal System was overran with idiots who would file these types of claims against Federal judges and other top staff in the Federal Prison System. You would be amazed how much it was reduced when the various Clerks of the Courts around the country started charging inmates who continually submitted what became clear were frivilous claims. When the Clerks offices starting getting into their commissary accounts and taking away their Little Debbie cake money for the claims, this type of misuse was greatly reduced. Most of the time their contention is they are no longer of a part of the United States. I think the courts should agree with them, and deport them to whatever third world country available. I would hate they would have to stay in this country when they are alleging they are not citizens of the US....lets agree with them and show them the door ....... at the border.

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