Potential jurors questioned for trial of ex-commissioner Scott Dean

Monday, Dec. 12, 2011 11:03 AM
Last updated 11:26 AM
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Potential jurors are being questioned this morning for inclusion in the trial of former Columbia County Commissioner Scott Dean, accused of molesting his adopted daughter last year.

Former Commissioner Scott Dean (left) confers with legal team this morning.  JIM BLAYLOCK/ Staff
Former Commissioner Scott Dean (left) confers with legal team this morning.

If a jury is seated from among the 36 potential jurors called, the trial in the case could get under way as early as this afternoon. One juror already has been dismissed after saying he had already formed an opinion in the case and couldn’t be swayed.

Dean, 42, is accused of exposing himself to and inappropriately touching his daughter last year. She is one of five children Dean and his wife adopted in 2008 from Guatemala.

Dean, a former District 4 commissioner, resigned after being indicted on two counts of child molestation in February. He pleaded not guilty.

The case has been listed on Superior Court Judge James G. Blanchard Jr.’s calendar several times but was postponed each time. Prosecutors have said continuances are common in complicated or major cases.

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Riverman1 12/12/11 - 09:45 pm
Lee and others, as far as

Lee and others, as far as Austin's comments, he probably does know something with his contacts, but I don't want to put too much emphasis on something else coming out in case it doesn't happen. If it does so much the better. If two daughters are going to testify, and with Dean's history, that should be enough. Ashley Wright took the information from Family Services and acted on it for a reason.

Riverman1 12/12/11 - 09:58 pm
Speaking of attorney fees,

Speaking of attorney fees, I'm reminded of what Gerry Spence, the famous attorney who never lost a case, said. He was asked how much he charged for a murder trial. He said I take everything. If they are a millionaire, I take it all, if they have less, I take it all. An amazing lawyer who mainly relied on his summation to the jury.

KSL 12/12/11 - 10:02 pm
Having all taken or going to

Having all taken or going to jail? Hmmmm? Tough decision.

InChristLove 12/13/11 - 07:33 am
Dean’s attorney, said the

Dean’s attorney, said the girl grew up in an abusive home and was very close to her older sister, Marlin.
"They had no secrets with each other,” Theodocion said. “(The alleged victim) never told Marlin Dean, never once, that anything inappropriate happened with Scott Dean.”
Marlin said she ran away from the Dean’s Harlem home in October 2010 to be with her boyfriend. While in Mexico, Marlin said she lied about her adopted father, insinuating he’d touched her younger sister and made advances toward her to get money from her family.

“She was on the road in Mexico,” Theodocion said at a similar transaction hearing held before the jury trial began. “(She lied so) that people would send her money and feel sorry for her.”
Marlin confirmed Theodocion’s statement with her testimony during the similar transaction hearing.

"With the Dean history", what? some inappropriate texts to a married WOMAN, and some incident that happened when the man was 14 years old with two 12 year old girls......yeah, that is proof positive this man tried to molest his own daughter/s. If they are basing their case on the statement of Marlin, she admitted she was trying to get money from the family because she was on the road. Whether it's true or not, how does anyone know. It appears to be a she said now she doesn't, he said, situation.

mll 12/13/11 - 09:15 am
From what I've read I don't

From what I've read I don't see a real case here. A lot of people jumping on the bandwagon to say he's guilty just because there's a lot of folks that would like to see him found guilty? Don't know what the heck he did to make that many ppl hate him but that's what it sounds like. Probably all goes back to politics, Columbia County at their best. Riverman, isn't your brother in Columbia County politics? I hope people realize that if the man goes to jail chances are he'll be dead within 6 months, prison doesn't deal well with convicted child molesters whether they're guilty or not. If the man is innocent but convicted due to the bias in the case, how will all of you feel? Will his death in prison be enough for you or then will you turn to his family to punish more? I have never seen such bias portrayed as in this case. Sounds like a lot of pure hate revolving from the fact that he was a rising political figure bumping at the power grid of Columbia Co politics. A lot of oldie power politico's couldn't let that happen. The old adage of throwing enough mud on the wall eventually something will stick sounds familiar. From all of the rumors at the time of the County employee problem to now it's obvious to an outsider that someone pretty well placed is pulling strings to have to worst connotation applied to everything that has happened to this man. When you consider the variation of facts reported in the newspaper, the radio, all comments it's obvious that the facts are not the prevailing motive behind all the discourse. To hell with the facts, no one is sure of the facts, but lets convict the man because he's "probably" done all of that. I'm disgusted by the extent citizens are so quick to condemn a man on hearsay.

Austin Rhodes
Austin Rhodes 12/13/11 - 09:15 am
Criminal charges and trial

Criminal charges and trial aside for a moment...

ICL...I believe it was Dean's "in your face" smugness and arrogance that brought him the trouble with the dalliance with the county employee. When someone in his position diddles with "the help" it can put county taxpayers on the hook for the subsequent lawsuits/harassment complaints.

In THAT situation Scott Dean's ego got him in as much trouble as his...other parts did, criminal charges aside, of course.

As far as Theodocian goes...I concur with the praise of his abilities. As far as his fee goes...this trial is nothing but a big commercial for him.

harley_52 12/13/11 - 11:50 am
I think Austin Rhodes has it

I think Austin Rhodes has it pegged.

This time.

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