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3 teens arrested, 2 sought in Augusta armed robbery

Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2011 6:12 PM
Last updated Thursday, Dec. 1, 2011 1:23 AM
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Three teenagers were arrested Tuesday for an Oct. 28 armed robbery in the 1000 block of Dugas Street, according to a Richmond County Sheriff’s Office news release.

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George Rakeem Grace, 17, is sought by the Richmond County Sheriff's Office in connection with an armed robbery on Oct. 28.  Special
George Rakeem Grace, 17, is sought by the Richmond County Sheriff's Office in connection with an armed robbery on Oct. 28.

Earlier on Tuesday, deputies received a tip on five possible suspects connected to the incident and arrested the following:

• Cortez Bernard Berry, 14, of the 1500 block of McCauley Street

• Brandon Jamal Tanksley, 15, of the 1600 block of Essie McIntyre Boulevard

• Shymel Dashon Drinks, 13, of the 1500 block of Floyd Street

Warrants were issued for two others: George Rakeem Grace, 17, with a last known address of the 2000 block of Wrightsboro Road; and Lloyd Wyman Watson, 16, who police think is in the Atlanta area.

On the night of the robbery, two victims said four males approached them with firearms and demanded money. The suspects struck one person in the back of the head and stole items including a set of keys to a 1993 Ford F-150. The four fled in the stolen pickup.

Deputies responding to the scene spotted the truck and chased it until the vehicle stopped in the 1600 block of Bleakley Street. The suspects ran from the truck and escaped.

Berry, Tanksley and Drinks were taken to the Augusta Regional Youth Detention Center and charged as adults for armed robbery.

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proudgunowner 11/30/11 - 08:37 pm
As a teenager there were only

As a teenager there were only two things on my and girls. Robbing someone at gunpoint NEVER entered my mind. At that time I owned several rifles and shotguns, was earning money cutting grass, delivering newspapers and shoveling snow (mid-west). How sad that there are so many without a father in their life (I'm assuming here) to guide them into responsible adulthood. These thugs are just lucky they didn't try to jack someone who was carrying a firearm.

KSL 11/30/11 - 08:44 pm
The Great Society has failed

The Great Society has failed America. Tons of extra money spent in public schools have done no good. Throwing money at the problem is obviously not the solution.

sassylassie 11/30/11 - 10:05 pm
Is it just me or do these

Is it just me or do these individuals look "hardened" already? I find it interesting that some were charged as adults albeit they were only 13 or 14. Until we charge more kids for doing these crimes which they obviously know are wrong, the others won't get the hint that crime does not pay. Thank God the victims weren't fatally harmed. I know one of these has a lengthy school disciplinary record. I wonder how many of the others had prior records of some sort? Scary.

Patty-P 11/30/11 - 10:31 pm
What makes a 13 year old (or

What makes a 13 year old (or 11 year old) want to rob someone? Are they paying rent, mortgage, car note, or light bill? I couldn't imagine being 13 and wanting to rob someone.
Hopefully none of them will claim to be borderline retarded and will be punished accordingly. Just so sad to see lives go down the drain at such a young age.

mosovich 11/30/11 - 11:34 pm
I tell you what the real

I tell you what the real problem is other than poor parenting.. Our judicial system is the worst. There is no punishment anymore for crimes.. I'm sorry, but I'm all for an eye for and eye.. If you knew you could possibly be executed for your crime would you do it?? NO!!

nnaugusta 12/01/11 - 01:28 am
Check those smackers...dang.

Check those smackers...dang. A shame, so young to be so bitter and thug looking in the photos!

kiwiinamerica 12/01/11 - 11:24 am
@Patty-P What makes a 13 year


What makes a 13 year old want to rob someone? Dey be gangstas, dat's why! Dat's how gangstas roll.

These are young people with no family structure and no moral compass who aspire to the thug life depicted in their beloved rap "music" (I use the term loosely) and which many of their peers have also embraced. They're future or maybe even present gang members who are serving their apprenticeship. They're building up their street cred before moving on to bigger"better" things.

Check out the insolent "what you lookin' at? " stares of these punks in the mugshots above. Their whole demeanor speaks of trouble.

Crime Reports and Rewards TV
Crime Reports and Rewards TV 12/01/11 - 12:11 pm
You aint seen nothing yet:o(

You aint seen nothing yet:o(

i dont play
i dont play 03/30/12 - 02:18 pm
free them i love yall i

free them i love yall i really really love tez free them it wont be long hold it down imma be waiting

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