Fort Gordon suspect harbored military fascination

Saxon's MySpace, Facebook pages show odes to services
Anthony Todd Saxon has been moved to a Jefferson County jail.

In a drawing posted on Anthony Todd Saxon's MySpace page, a soldier in fatigues kneels down to pray over his bunk for the end to war. An inspirational picture shows a soldier -- his head hung low -- along with a poem describing the sacrifices of Army service.


As new details emerge about Saxon's background, it's clear that the man arrested on Fort Gordon on Tuesday and accused of stealing military equipment was never in the Army, yet harbored a deep fascination with being a soldier.

Saxon was apprehended wearing a complete Army combat uniform, including rank and insignia, after successfully fooling an Army captain into giving him an infrared aiming laser designed to be mounted on a rifle.

A tipster recognized his vehicle from a previous theft of military equipment in April. Authorities soon stopped his car and inside they found the laser, along with grenades, a land mine and night-vision devices, according to an affidavit filed in U.S. District Court on Wednesday.

Saxon's wife, Rhonda, said in a phone interview Wednesday that she believed the couple moved to the area in December so her husband could work at Fort Gordon. She wrote as much on her husband's Facebook wall in March, stating that she was proud of him and believed "Ft. Gordon will be great for us."

It is still not clear whether Saxon actually worked at Fort Gordon in a civilian capacity. A message left at the Fort Gordon Human Resources Department was not returned Thursday.

According to the affidavit, Saxon said he never served in the Army but was a member of the Army National Guard from 1993 to 1995. Saxon told the FBI he was discharged because of heart problems.

It appears many who knew him believed he was serving the country and preparing to be deployed overseas. In post after post from friends and family on Saxon's Facebook page, they thank him for his service.

Saxon himself writes of going to a "weapons qualifications start" in May. He lists military-related films and television shows, including Generation Kill, Full Metal Jacket and Weaponology , as his favorite films and TV shows. Sky diving, paintball and airsoft -- a recreational activity in which replica firearms are used to fire soft pellets in military-like training scenarios -- are some of his hobbies. On his MySpace page, pictures of him flying remote control helicopters can be found throughout.

Meanwhile, jail officials in both Richmond and Jefferson counties confirmed Thursday that federal agents have removed Saxon from the Richmond County Jail and transferred him to a cell in Jefferson County. Richmond County Sheriff's Major Gene Johnson said it's common for federal prisoners to be transferred to Jefferson or McDuffie counties because of contracts between the federal government and the local holding facilities.

Also Thursday, details emerged that Saxon is the son of former Burke County Commissioner Eddie Saxon. Burke County Sheriff Greg Coursey said he knew Eddie Saxon when he worked in the county in the late 1970s and early 1980s and remembered him as a "good commissioner."

Coursey said he met Eddie's children when they were young but hadn't spoken with Saxon recently.

"I more than likely knew him when he was small," Coursey said.

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