Third Cook-Out slated for Washington Road

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Cook-Out is quickly expanding across the metro area, with a third location planned on a high-traffic strip of Wash­ing­ton Road near Interstate 20.

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The parcel at 2910 Washington Road in Augusta is under contract to the fast-food restaurant. The North Carolina-based chain opened its first Augusta location in summer 2013 on Walton Way, followed by a second location in late 2013 on Jimmie Dyess Parkway. The Cook-Out corporate office said the third site should open “sometime after December.”

Most recently home to Crazy Turks Pizza Bar & Grill, the 3,500-square-foot building on Washington Road has housed several other restaurants in the past two decades, including Hardee’s, Fazoli’s and a daiquiri bar and grill.

This impending transition doesn’t appear to be a smooth one, though.

Crazy Turks owner Meisam Shodja, who operated his Italian restaurant in the space since 2011, is facing eviction for not paying rent to longtime property owners B.N. Kuppuswamy, of Washington, Ga., and local businessman T.R. Reddy. The notice has not yet been received or filed in Richmond County Magistrate Court, a court employee said Friday.

Shodja closed the restaurant Sunday and is in the process of clearing out the building, but he said he plans to appeal the eviction, which will likely prolong the real estate transaction.

Shodja said he’s put nearly $120,000 in renovations into the building, such as installing ceramic tile indoors and adding an outdoor patio, and wants compensation for his work.

“I’m just going to drag it out as long as I can because he should reimburse me for part of the remodeling I did,” said Shodja, who added that there are still two years on his lease. “All I’m asking is for him to reimburse me for part of my remodeling, which actually increased the value of his building.”

Shodja, who was notified four months ago of the pending sale to Cook-Out, admitted he withheld three months’ rent. In lieu of making the $5,500 monthly payment, Shodja said he asked Reddy to keep his $10,000 security deposit instead.

Shodja said he believes he’s being forced out of the property so it can be sold.
According to Reddy, Shodja had been behind on rent several times dating back to when he opened the restaurant in 2011. Reddy said he had no other choice than to issue the eviction.

Reddy said he offered to renovate another building on Wrightsboro Road for Shodja to move into, but he declined.

Crazy Turks will reopen in Augusta’s medical district, said Shodja, who is selling the restaurant rights. The restaurant will go into the old WifeSaver building at 15th Street and Laney-Walker Boulevard and should be open within the next two months.

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corgimom 08/08/14 - 05:53 pm
Uh huh, that's why Hardee's

Uh huh, that's why Hardee's closed in the first place, because it was such a great location.

It's too close to the offramp of I-20, it's horrible to try to get out of it during rush hour.

That's why businesses there keep closing.

Hope that the new owners of the LB location has lots of security, WifeSavers got out of there for a REASON.

countyman 08/09/14 - 02:04 am
Crazy Turks and LWB

The Medical District, Olde Town, Summerville, Harrisburg, Midtown, and Laney Walker should all have their own amenities(restaurants, coffee shops, bookstores, retail, boutiques, etc)separate from the CBD..

Crazy Turks had a faithful crowd and was forced to leave... The company found a successful business model in terms of providing nightlife.. Everywhere on Washington road is hard to get out of during rush hour traffic.. Cookout is planning to build six different locations(Harrisburg, Martinez, West Augusta, & Aiken coming soon) in the CSRA and they obviously feel this is a good location.. The next location should open in Aiken or along Peach Orchard road in South Augusta..

I'm pretty sure Crazy Turks is targeting the company's demographic.. The Laney Walker location will be full of students(GRU & Paine) and employees from the Medical District.. The first Cookout to open in metro Augusta is doing excellent in Harrisburg... The Harrisburg location is located even further away from the Medical District and in a more sketchy area.. The side of Harrisburg in need of the most repair is between Eve and 15th street.. The LWB location is near the demolished Cherry Tree and multiple improvements in Laney Walker..

This is only the beginning of new commercial developments in/around the Medical District.. The GRU Gateway project is coming soon(Chick Fil A, grocery store, hotel, restaurants) and the development at 1022 Walton Way(Integrity Medical, Diablo's, etc) is under construction..

bclicious 08/09/14 - 06:21 am
I tried it....not so much

Yeah, so I do love me some food, and that especially falls within the hamburger range. I am even willing to pay more, if it means a premium product. With all of this in mind; I visited cookout twice, and I'm just not impressed. It's not a bad burger, but it's nothing to brag about either. On the other hand, steak and shake which is just across the street, has a much better taste.

Also, this is not crucial, but it does help; steak & shake offers a 10% discount to military and law enforcement; whereas, cook out does not.

In closing; nice try cook out, but I don't think you'll last long here. I give ya'll one year tops.

corgimom 08/09/14 - 07:47 am
Countyman, I'm curious. How

Countyman, I'm curious.

How do you know that the Cook Out is doing "excellent"?

Do you know the owner? Do you see the financial statements?

How do you know that Crazy Turks had a "faithful crowd"? Seems to me that if the owner was late on the rent several times and is getting evicted, maybe they weren't that "faithful". How successful of a business model causes a restaurant owner to be evicted?

Little Lamb
Little Lamb 08/09/14 - 10:05 am

If it is evening rush hour (or lunchtime, for that matter), and you are leaving Crazy Turk's, and you are bound and determined to turn left, yes you might get a little frustrated with the traffic. However, if you instead make the smart choice and turn right to exit Turk's, you don't have a problem. Then you can go down to a light with a left turn arrow and turn around to head west.

Play the traffic. Don't let the traffic play you.

triscuit 08/09/14 - 09:46 am
The thing that killed Turks

The thing that killed Turks was terrible service. Very very slow service. If they think GRU students and staff will go there for lunch, they have to step it up. No one has 1.5+ hours for lunch down there.

Just My Opinion
Just My Opinion 08/09/14 - 04:10 pm
Well, I think the REAL reason

Well, I think the REAL reason for Crazy Turks closing up and going thru all this turmoil is because of the CURSE that was placed on that parcel of land years ago! Can't remember exactly what it was or who did it, and it was actually on the land that the McDonald's sits on....BUT, not even a curse from an old gypsy woman can go up against McDonald's! So, it seems that the curse just kinda, sorta slid down the road alittle bit and settled on the Crazy Turks land! Now, in my opinion, the curse will just stay right that means Cookout is DOOMED!!....because the curse ain't stupid enough to try and close down Krispey Kreme!!

just an opinion
just an opinion 08/09/14 - 10:01 pm
Gage Creed
Gage Creed 08/09/14 - 10:02 pm

Everyone should have their own amenities... What is life without a Cookout, a Chick-Fil-A, a Dunkin' Donuts... and maybe, just maybe Five Guys!

bdouglas 08/11/14 - 10:25 am
So this guy is late with his

So this guy is late with his rent NUMEROUS times, then admits that he "withheld" (more like he couldn't make rent...) over $16,000 in rent, and now he wants to be reimbursed for renovations he made to a building he knew good and well wouldn't go with him when he left? Right. He may have had a "faithful crowd", as Countyman(n) claims, but they must've come in for one drink and stayed for hours not buying anything else. Otherwise that "faithful crowd" would've paid his rent on time.

@bclicious While I mostly agree with your assessment of the food at Cook-Out (I'll take a $4 garlic double steakburger combo from Steak n Shake any day), saying they'll last a year around here and be gone is ridiculous. Cook-Out is something of a dynasty in many areas of the southeast, and I can find no record of one closing down EVER, let alone somewhere they just invested in 3 locations (so far).

@corgimom Hardee's closing had nothing to do with the location. Years ago, nearly all of the Hardee's stores in the CSRA closed...somewhere in the late 90's I guess. Only 2-3 locations survived the mass closings. Most of them have since been converted to other restaurants like Popeye's, Sonic and others.

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