Augusta developer thinking ahead toward TEE Center traffic

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Tucked away behind Broad Street is a little oasis waiting for occupants, complete with a waterfall and 65,000-gallon pond.

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Cross Creek Designer and Builder Inc. has renovated this old warehouse (right) for use as an office and the smaller building (left) might one day become a restaurant.  Michael Holahan/Staff
Michael Holahan/Staff
Cross Creek Designer and Builder Inc. has renovated this old warehouse (right) for use as an office and the smaller building (left) might one day become a restaurant.

Cross Creek Designer and Builder Inc. recently completed a $265,000 renovation to a building that takes up several properties in the 900 blocks of Broad and Jones streets, according to property manager John Bowen.

Banking on the idea that the Trade, Exhibit and Event Center expansion will bring new traffic flow to Reynolds Street, Bowen hopes the space will attract a high-end restaurant or something else that will serve convention center visitors, and the rest of downtown.

“I think with the TEE center and parking deck, this part of Augusta is really a hot area,” Bowen said.

Before the renovation, the building was just a shell of what it has become. Bowen embellished the exterior, adding brick window transoms to the windows and balconies overlooking the updated pond. Patchy grass was replaced with concrete and wooden decks, and an awning and terrace now reach out from a formerly bare brick wall.

More than 16,000 square feet in commercial space is available to lease.

“Augusta is not dead, it’s alive and going big,” he said. “We have a lot of faith in Augusta.”

Although he’s confident, he believes in choosing tenants carefully.

“Staying power is everything,” he said. “The key to success downtown is to choose your tenants.”

Cross Creek, which has been downtown for nearly 30 years, currently leases to clients including the Juvenile Justice Department, Augusta BioBusiness Center and Georgia Medical Center Authority.

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countyman 11/11/11 - 01:52 am
The TEE Center continues to

The TEE Center continues to spur investment.. Fort Discovery building-sold, WJBF building-sold, parking deck, Reynolds street repaving, and the Laney Walker-Bethlehem redevelopment...

Let's hope the Hyatt Place hotel can break ground before April 2012. Just in time for the masters guest to notice of all the progress since 2011. Dental school, Village at Riverwatch, Kroc Center, Judicial Center, Sprint Food & Metro Market, parking deck, TEE center, Broad street streetlight/traffic signal project, etc...

Riverman1 11/11/11 - 01:58 am
Countyman, how will the TEE

Countyman, how will the TEE center bring people downtown when they have an event scheduled about every two years? Who bought Ft. Discovery? I really don't know? But I do agree with most of your post and the guy in this article. Downtown Augusta is looking up.

Brad Owens
Brad Owens 11/11/11 - 03:06 am
Nice to see non-giverment

Nice to see non-giverment funded anything downtown.

However, i notice their tenenats with "staying power" look to be giverment agencies, so much for none tax payer funded ventures.

This is what we need? $100,000,000.00 losers like TEE to get 1/25 of a million invested in one project?

Oh well, I guess if you add back the $265,000.00 invested into the tax digest on the increased value of this property, we have almost paid for the paper used to print the non-fixed price contracts used to build the TEE itself (laughing).

We will NEVER get $100,000,000.00 worth of value out of the loser TEE Center. Never.

Nice propaganda puff piece with all the ParkinGate scandal stuff going on.


Riverman1 11/11/11 - 10:29 am
Brad, you're right. That was

Brad, you're right. That was a fluff piece to get our minds off the parking deck. The TEE ain't bringing nobody downtown. We were lied to.

floridasun 11/11/11 - 01:53 pm
why all the

why all the negativity?
Private business has invested in downtown Augusta . That is a good thing!
Good job John Bowen

tomcasey 11/11/11 - 02:43 pm
It is nice to see nice fluff

It is nice to see nice fluff pieces but what about the sweetheart deal that was hatched to buy the little parcel of land?

I would like some further investigation in to the land swap and how it was done at taxpayer expense. Whether the senator was willing or unwilling is not really important, the fact is he happily went along with it.

I would like to know how Augusta Riverfront LLC/933 Broad Investments LLC managed to procure the contract to manage the parking deck but at the same time ended up owning the land on which it sits. This alone boggles the mind how it slipped all the way through a government procurement vetting process before independent concerned citizens turned this information up.

As for the TEE Center it is over priced for its square footage, has many established regional competitors and already is under booked. It kind of harkens to the say from the Bible, 'the way to Hell is filled with good intentions'. In this case, the building TEE Center whether for good or bad, the building will never show profitability.

The Laney-Walker Bethlehem project where after numerous meetings there still isn't a completed plan/proposal being presented to the citizens of the area. Sounds like the people of the LWB area are in for a rude awakening but hopefully the people that seek to profit at the expense of the LWB citizens will be in for more of an eye opening.

Riverman1 11/12/11 - 06:32 am
Floridasun, I actually wish I

Floridasun, I actually wish I were wrong about the TEE, but to throw out an article saying the TEE will increase crowds downtown is simply not true. They open next spring and have no events scheduled.

The one event scheduled is a year and half later. It's coming due to a local official and has been here before using existing venues. So that really can't be counted as drawing something to town due to the TEE.

The occupancy rate for the building will be BELOW MINIMUM using any objective standard for convention centers. It was a $100 million boondoggle as some of us said it would be....over and over.

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