Costco memberships will be available starting Friday

Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2011 4:38 PM
Last updated 4:42 PM
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Costco opens in Augusta on Nov. 16, but customers will be able to purchase memberships as early as Friday, according to the company.

The Alexander Drive entrance to the wholesale store will be open starting Friday, and customers can drive up to the Tire Center and purchase memberships starting at $50 a year.

Customers that join before January 2012 will receive a Costco cash card. Executive members will receive a $20 cash card, and gold star members will receive a $10 card.

To become a Costco member, either sign up in person at the Alexander Drive store or go to

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Reverie 10/19/11 - 07:56 pm
Welcome to Augusta! I've

Welcome to Augusta! I've always enjoyed Costco when we visit relatives. Please note that your direct competitor is out in the community offering a much better deal--especially to certain groups. Consider a special membership deal for those who hold the front line--the military, police, firefighters, EMTs, and teachers. I'll see you at the store!

countyman 10/20/11 - 02:04 am
The Village at Riverwatcch

The Village at Riverwatcch development is a nice addition to West Augusta. Once Target finally decides to go ahead and build the South Augusta store. The $30 million construction coming to I-520(Gordon Hwy-Deans Bridge) this year or next will definitely help out. The addition of the 25 acre shopping center along Jimmie Dyess(Southwest Augusta) and Wheeler Town Park(Carmax area West Augusta) can make Augusta one of the top smaller cities in the south for shopping. Then the CBD would have to attract Gap, Old Navy, Target, Publix, Urban Outfitters, etc to take Augusta to the next level.

madgerman 10/20/11 - 07:03 am
Reverie. You may want to add

Reverie. You may want to add some occupations to the list of emergency responders. If I am not mistaken when the storms come in mid freezing weather, you are probably waiting patiently for the electricial workers to fix the downed power lines. Or maybe when your sewer breaks down you might need emergency help keeping the house livable. There are a lot of people who are really first responders when we have an emergency but I have never seen a situation where a teacher waqs involved. Do you think we a a country have gone a little far with our rapid use of the term "First responder"? As an example, last year my spoiuse disrupted a burglary in progress and was the First Responder to the activity, is she a First responder in your eyes> Not saying police, fire or military don't have a challenging profession ( I am a Vietnam Vet) but come on some of them have 9-5 office jobs. And I see absolutely no reason to single them out for special tax or mortgage plans.

DuhJudge 10/20/11 - 07:14 am
Costco and Sam's are cult

Costco and Sam's are cult similar retailers and do nothing but suck major dollars out pf the economy. With their tax breaks, they don't even pay their share to build your public schools. Go ahead, drink their kool-aide. They have trained you how to spend everything in your pocket once you go inside. $50 to join a spending club? Funny.

bdouglas 10/20/11 - 09:04 am
@madgerman Looking for some

@madgerman Looking for some drama? Maybe it was a poor choice of words, but Reverie was referring to the groups to which their "direct competitor" offers discounts. Simple as that. You and Countyman could do well to comment on the story at hand rather than turning it into something it clearly is not.

Back to the subject... Does Costco offer the trial or 1-day memberships that Sam's Club does on occasion?

allhans 10/20/11 - 09:21 am
I haven't decided if I want

I haven't decided if I want to give Costco $55.00 for the honor doing business with them.

Just My Opinion
Just My Opinion 10/20/11 - 03:39 pm
Yeah, I've got to learn more

Yeah, I've got to learn more about Costco and why I should use them rather than Sam's. Now, don't get me wrong, I am NOT a big fan of Sam's. Hardly EVER use them, and when I do, I'm stuck having to pay that ridiculous membership fee on top of whatever it is I'm buying, so I really save NOTHING! My fault I guess. And I hate the lines at Sam's and never being able to find a parking spot in their little, oddly-shaped parking lot.

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