Walmart announces Ga. shoe plant

Friday, Nov. 1, 2013 7:36 AM
Last updated 7:13 PM
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HAZELHURST, Ga. — Executives with Wal-Mart Stores Inc. say they plan to move production of some shoes from overseas to a manufacturing plant in south Georgia, which they say will create 250 jobs in the state.

The retailer on Thursday announced plans for the facility in Hazelhurst, a Jeff Davis County town about 100 miles southwest of Augusta.

Bentonville, Ark.-based Walmart said its longtime supplier Elan-Polo Inc. will start production of injection-molded footwear in March 2014 in Hazelhurst as part of a joint venture with McPherson Manufacturing.

Officials say the facility will produce 20,000 pairs of shoes per day once it is at full capacity. Previously, the shoes were manufactured overseas.

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JRC2024 11/01/13 - 07:47 am
Good for Walmart. Now bring

Good for Walmart. Now bring as much as possible back to American towns and get more of our people working and keep the money here instead of in china. Too much of your merchandise is produced overseas and is really not good quality.

seenitB4 11/01/13 - 07:55 am
About Time

Yay...they are doing what they said they would do...bring some jobs back home.....we are fools to sit still & watch our plants go away.....America could be great again.......get the jobs back.

deestafford 11/01/13 - 08:21 am
This is sort of a two edged sword.

It's great that the jobs are coming back to America and helping the Hazlehurst economy. The opposite side is the indication that American labor costs have reached the level that it is less expensive to manufacture something here than overseas. Of it could be that the quality of shoes will be better.

Whatever the reason it's sort of in keeping with Sam Walton's mandate that everything sold in WalMart would be made in the USA whenever possible even if a plant had to be built to do it. He even built a blue jean plant to make blue jeans in the USA. Don't know how well that philosophy is carried on today. I'm sure it has flown the coop.

resident 11/01/13 - 08:40 am
Good For GA

This is good to hear but still does not change my shopping until we really see a turn around and not what I see as a diversionary or token bring home jobs moment. @dee I would say that is double edged sword because some of the US employees that were unionized I think priced themselves out of the market. I know CEO types make big bucks...But investors and people interested in trying to get themselves better off also needed to make something back on investments so they kept having to raise prices, flip that over how long before you end up pricing yourself out of the market...Kind of like Autos have done a number of times now and the only way people buy them is by incentives...This cuts into profit and shareholder returns....Unions had and have their place ..Greed by the American people is a bigger part of the issue that drove factories out of America with demands like the ones working jobs at say Mc D or KFC and places such as that...Entry level jobs were never meant to support a family on solely.. They were meant to employ as extra money, 16 year olds jobs for spending money ..etc..They do have opportunity for those working to better themselves by investing if not just a Dollar or tow a paycheck into stock in the company paying them..if some Mc D emploeeys saw this and used it many years ago they could be millionaires in some cases...But they don't..instant gratification..They do have manager opportunity as well. The employee just needs to put effort in it and care, learn...Do....Lazy and what some are..and they want $15 per hour for burger or fry work..

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